GetFEM++  5.3
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cgetfem::abstract_constraints_projectionAbstract projection of a stress tensor onto a set of admissible stress tensors
 Cgetfem::abstract_hyperelastic_lawBase class for material law
 Cbgeot::Comma_initializer< Container >Template class which forwards insertions to the container class
 Clevel_set_contact::contact_bodyBase class for the master and the slave contact bodies
 Clevel_set_contact::contact_pair_infoPrepares the final information needed to pass to the contact brick for every contact pair to assemble tangent terms
 Clevel_set_contact::contact_pair_updateTemporary object that updates contact pair, deformes meshes and undeformes when it selfdestructs
 Cgetfem::context_dependenciesDeal with interdependencies of objects
 Cbgeot::convex< PT, PT_TAB >Generic definition of a convex ( bgeot::convex_structure + vertices coordinates )
 Cbgeot::convex< base_node >
 Cgetfem::copyable_ptr< T >A wrapper around a unique_ptr that clones the value on copy
 Cgetfem::copyable_ptr< getfem::omp_distribute >
 Cgmm::diagonal_precond< Matrix >Diagonal preconditioner
 Cgetfem::distro< CONTAINER >Multi-threaded distribution of a single vector or a matrix
 Cdal::dna_const_iterator< T, pks >Constant iterator class for dynamic array
 Cdal::dna_iterator< T, pks >Iterator class for dynamic array
 Cgmm::dsvector< T >Sparse vector built on distribution sort principle
 Cgetfem::dx_exportA (quite large) class for exportation of data to IBM OpenDX
 Cdal::dynamic_array< T, pks >Dynamic Array
 Cdal::dynamic_array< base_node, pks >
 Cdal::dynamic_array< bgeot::pgeometric_trans >
 Cdal::dynamic_array< bgeot::small_vector, pks >
 Cdal::dynamic_array< const std::string * >
 Cdal::dynamic_array< gmm::uint64_type >
 Cdal::dynamic_array< green_simplex, pks >
 Cdal::dynamic_array< ind_cv_ct, 8 >
 Cdal::dynamic_array< mesh_convex_structure, pks >
 Cdal::dynamic_array< pintegration_method >
 Cdal::dynamic_array< size_t, pks >
 Cdal::dynamic_array< tree_elt, pks >
 Cdal::enr_static_stored_objectPointer to an object with the dependencies
 Cdal::enr_static_stored_object_keyPointer to a key with a coherent order
 Cgetfem::fem_precomp_poolHandle a pool (i.e
 Cgetfem::generic_assemblyGeneric assembly of vectors, matrices
 Cbgeot::geotrans_interpolation_contextGeotrans_interpolation_context structure is passed as the argument of geometric transformation interpolation functions
 Cbgeot::geotrans_invHandles the geometric inversion for a given (supposedly quite large) set of points
 Cbgeot::geotrans_inv_convexDoes the inversion of the geometric transformation for a given convex
 Cbgeot::geotrans_precomp_poolThe object geotrans_precomp_pool Allow to allocate a certain number of geotrans_precomp and automatically delete them when it is deleted itself
 Cgmm::HarwellBoeing_IOMatrix input/output for Harwell-Boeing format
 Cgmm::ildlt_precond< Matrix >Incomplete Level 0 LDLT Preconditioner
 Cgmm::ildltt_precond< Matrix >Incomplete LDL^t (cholesky) preconditioner with fill-in and threshold
 Cgmm::ilu_precond< Matrix >Incomplete LU without fill-in Preconditioner
 Cgmm::ilut_precond< Matrix >Incomplete LU with threshold and K fill-in Preconditioner
 Cgmm::ilutp_precond< Matrix >ILUTP: Incomplete LU with threshold and K fill-in Preconditioner and column pivoting
 Cbgeot::imbricated_box_lessA comparison function for bgeot::base_node
 Cbgeot::index_node_pairStore a point and the associated index for the kdtree
 Cgetfem::interpolator_on_mesh_femGeneral structure for interpolation of a function defined by a mesh_fem and a vector U at any point (interpolation of value and gradient)
 Cgmm::iterationThe Iteration object calculates whether the solution has reached the desired accuracy, or whether the maximum number of iterations has been reached
 Cbgeot::kdtreeBalanced tree over a set of points
 Cgetfem::list_distro< CONTAINER_LIST >Takes a list (more often it's a std::vector) of matrices or vectors, creates an empty copy on each thread
 Cgmm::MatrixMarket_IOMatrix input/output for MatrixMarket storage
 Cgetfem::mesh_regionStructure used to hold a set of convexes and/or convex faces
 Cgetfem::mesh_slice_cv_dof_data< VEC >Use this structure to specify that the mesh must be deformed before the slicing operation (with a mesh_fem and an associated field)
 Cgetfem::mesh_slicerApply a serie a slicing operations to a mesh
 Cbgeot::mesh_structureMesh structure definition
 Cgmm::mr_approx_inverse_precond< Matrix >Approximate inverse via MR iteration (see P301 of Saad book)
 Cdal::naming_system< METHOD >Associate a name to a method descriptor and store method descriptors
 Cdal::naming_system< geometric_trans >
 Cdal::naming_system< integration_method >
 Cdal::naming_system< virtual_fem >
 Cbgeot::node_tabStore a set of points, identifying points that are nearer than a certain very small distance
 Cgetfem::nonlinear_elem_termAbstract class for integration of non-linear terms into the mat_elem computations the nonlinear term is added into the mat_elem_type via mat_elem_nonlinear
 Cgetfem::omp_distribute< T >Use this template class for any object you want to distribute to open_MP threads
 Cgetfem::omp_distribute< base_vector >
 Cgetfem::omp_distribute< bool >Specialization for bool, to circumvent the shortcommings of standards library specialization for std::vector<bool>
 Cgetfem::omp_distribute< const_iterator >
 Cgetfem::omp_distribute< CONTAINER >
 Cgetfem::omp_distribute< CONTAINER_LIST >
 Cgetfem::omp_distribute< dal::bit_vector >
 Cgetfem::omp_distribute< ga_workspace >
 Cgetfem::omp_distribute< model_complex_plain_vector >
 Cgetfem::omp_distribute< model_complex_sparse_matrix >
 Cgetfem::omp_distribute< model_real_plain_vector >
 Cgetfem::omp_distribute< model_real_sparse_matrix >
 Cgetfem::omp_distribute< std::vector< singleton_instance_base * > >
 Cgetfem::omp_distribute< T * >
 Cbgeot::permutationGeneration of permutations, and ranking/unranking of these
 Cgetfem::poly_integrationDescription of an exact integration of polynomials
 Cgetfem::pos_exportPOS export
 Cbgeot::power_indexVector of integer (16 bits type) which represent the powers of a monomial
 Cgetfem::region_partitionUsed to partition a mesh region so that each partition can be used on a different thread
 Cgmm::rsvector< T >Sparse vector built upon std::vector
 Cbgeot::rtreeBalanced tree of n-dimensional rectangles
 Cdal::singleton< T, LEV >Singleton class
 Cgetfem::slicer_actionGeneric slicer class
 Cgmm::slvector< T >Skyline vector
 Cbgeot::small_vector< T >Container for small vectors of POD (Plain Old Data) types
 Cbgeot::small_vector< scalar_type >
 Cgmm::standard_localeThis is the above solutions for linux, but it still needs to be tested
 Cdal::static_stored_objectBase class for static stored objects
 Cdal::stored_object_tabTable of stored objects
 Cgmm::SuperLU_factor< T >Factorization of a sparse matrix with SuperLU
 Cgmm::tab_ref_index_ref< ITER, ITER_INDEX >Indexed array reference (given a container X, and a set of indexes I, this class provides a pseudo-container Y such that
 Cgmm::tab_ref_index_ref< IT, ITINDEX >
 Cgmm::tab_ref_index_ref_iterator_< ITER, ITER_INDEX >Iterator over a gmm::tab_ref_index_ref<ITER,ITER_INDEX>
 Cgmm::tab_ref_reg_spaced< ITER >Provide a "strided" view a of container
 Cgmm::tab_ref_reg_spaced< IT >
 Cgmm::tab_ref_with_selection< ITER, COND >Given a container X and a predicate P, provide pseudo-container Y of all elements of X such that P(X[i])
 Cgmm::tab_ref_with_selection_iterator_< ITER, COND >Iterator over a tab_ref_with_selection
 Cgetfem::temporary_mesh_deformator< VECTOR >An object function that first deforms and then remembers to restore a mesh if it has to be restored for other bricks
 Cgetfem::thread_exceptionAllows to re-throw exceptions, generated in OpemMP parallel section
 Cgetfem::virtual_brickThe virtual brick has to be derived to describe real model bricks
 Cgetfem::virtual_dispatcherThe time dispatcher object modify the result of a brick in order to apply a time integration scheme
 Cgetfem::virtual_time_schemeThe time integration scheme object provides the necessary methods for the model object to apply a time integration scheme to an evolutionnary problem
 Cgetfem::mesh_region::visitor"iterator" class for regions
 Cgetfem::vtk_exportVTK export
 Cgmm::wsvector< T >Sparse vector built upon std::map