GetFEM  5.4.2
getfem::level_set Class Reference

Define a level-set. More...

#include <getfem_level_set.h>

Inherits getfem::context_dependencies, and dal::static_stored_object.

Public Member Functions

void update_from_context (void) const
 this function has to be defined and should update the object when the context is modified.
- Public Member Functions inherited from getfem::context_dependencies
bool context_check () const
 return true if update_from_context was called

Detailed Description

Define a level-set.

In getfem, a levelset is one or two scalar functions, defined on a lagrange polynomial mesh_fem.

The (optional) second function is a way to limit the level-set to handle cracks for example.

Definition at line 53 of file getfem_level_set.h.

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