GetFEM  5.4.2
getfem::abstract_hyperelastic_law Class Referenceabstract

Base class for material law. More...

#include <getfem_nonlinear_elasticity.h>

Inherited by getfem::Ciarlet_Geymonat_hyperelastic_law, getfem::generalized_Blatz_Ko_hyperelastic_law, getfem::membrane_elastic_law, getfem::Mooney_Rivlin_hyperelastic_law, getfem::Neo_Hookean_hyperelastic_law, getfem::plane_strain_hyperelastic_law, and getfem::SaintVenant_Kirchhoff_hyperelastic_law.

Public Member Functions

virtual void cauchy_updated_lagrangian (const base_matrix &F, const base_matrix &E, base_matrix &cauchy_stress, const base_vector &params, scalar_type det_trans) const
 True Cauchy stress (for Updated Lagrangian formulation)
virtual void grad_sigma_updated_lagrangian (const base_matrix &F, const base_matrix &E, const base_vector &params, scalar_type det_trans, base_tensor &grad_sigma_ul) const
 cauchy-truesdel tangent moduli, used in updated lagrangian

Detailed Description

Base class for material law.

Inherit from this class to define a new law.

Definition at line 59 of file getfem_nonlinear_elasticity.h.

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