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bgeot::convex_of_reference Class Referenceabstract

Base class for reference convexes. More...

#include <bgeot_convex_ref.h>

Inherits dal::static_stored_object, and bgeot::convex< base_node >.

Inherited by bgeot::equilateral_simplex_of_ref_, bgeot::generic_dummy_, bgeot::K_simplex_of_ref_, bgeot::prism_incomplete_P2_of_ref_, bgeot::product_ref_, bgeot::pyramid_Q2_incomplete_of_ref_, bgeot::pyramid_QK_of_ref_, bgeot::Q2_incomplete_of_ref_, and bgeot::torus_reference.

Public Member Functions

virtual scalar_type is_in (const base_node &) const =0
 return a negative or null number if the base_node is in the convex.
virtual scalar_type is_in_face (short_type, const base_node &) const =0
 return a null (or almost zero) if pt is in the face of the convex. More...
virtual void project_into (base_node &pt) const
 will project any given point lying outside the convex onto the convex outer surface
const std::vector< base_small_vector > & normals () const
 return the normal vector for each face.
const stored_point_tabpoints () const
 return the vertices of the reference convex.
const mesh_structuresimplexified_convex () const
 return a mesh structure composed of simplexes whose union is the reference convex. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from bgeot::convex< base_node >
ref_convex_pt_ct dir_points () const
 Return "direct" points. More...
dref_convex_pt_ct dir_points_of_face (short_type i) const
 Direct points for a given face. More...
 convex (pconvex_structure c, const std::vector< base_node > &t)
 Build a convex object. More...


pconvex_ref basic_convex_ref (pconvex_ref cvr)
 return the associated order 1 reference convex.

Detailed Description

Base class for reference convexes.

Examples of reference convexes are (the order 1 triangle (0,0)-(1,0)-(0,1), the order 2 segment (0)-(.5)-(1.), etc...). This class stores :

  • a list of points (vertices of the reference convex, plus other points for reference convexes of degree > 1).
  • a normal for each face of the convex.
  • a mesh structure defining the smallest simplex partition of the convex.
  • a pointer to the "basic convex_ref": for a convex_ref of degree k, this is a pointer to the correspounding convex_ref of degree 1.

Definition at line 91 of file bgeot_convex_ref.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ is_in_face()

virtual scalar_type bgeot::convex_of_reference::is_in_face ( short_type  ,
const base_node  
) const
pure virtual

return a null (or almost zero) if pt is in the face of the convex.

Does not control if the point is in the convex, but if a point supposed to be in a convex is in this face. return a negative number if the point is in the side of the face where the element is and positive in the other side.

◆ simplexified_convex()

const mesh_structure * bgeot::convex_of_reference::simplexified_convex ( ) const

return a mesh structure composed of simplexes whose union is the reference convex.

All simplexes have the same (direct) orientation.

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