GetFEM++  5.3
getfem::fem_precomp_pool Class Reference

handle a pool (i.e. More...

#include <getfem_fem.h>

Public Member Functions

pfem_precomp operator() (pfem pf, bgeot::pstored_point_tab pspt)
 Request a pfem_precomp. More...

Detailed Description

handle a pool (i.e.

a set) of fem_precomp. The difference with the global fem_precomp function is that these fem_precomp objects are freed when the fem_precomp_pool is destroyed (they can eat much memory). An example of use can be found in the getfem::interpolation_solution functions of getfem_export.h

Definition at line 711 of file getfem_fem.h.

Member Function Documentation

pfem_precomp getfem::fem_precomp_pool::operator() ( pfem  pf,
bgeot::pstored_point_tab  pspt 

Request a pfem_precomp.

If not already in the pool, the pfem_precomp is computed, and added to the pool.

pfa pointer to the fem object.
pspta pointer to a list of points in the reference convex.CAUTION: this array must not be destroyed as long as the fem_precomp is used!!

Moreover pspt is supposed to identify uniquely the set of points. This means that you should NOT alter its content until the fem_precomp_pool is destroyed.

Definition at line 727 of file getfem_fem.h.

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