GetFEM  5.4.2
gmm Directory Reference


file  gmm.h [code]
 Include common gmm files.
file  gmm_algobase.h [code]
 Miscelleanous algorithms on containers.
file  gmm_blas.h [code]
 Basic linear algebra functions.
file  gmm_blas_interface.h [code]
 gmm interface for fortran BLAS.
file  gmm_condition_number.h [code]
 computation of the condition number of dense matrices.
file  gmm_conjugated.h [code]
 handle conjugation of complex matrices/vectors.
file  gmm_def.h [code]
 Basic definitions and tools of GMM.
file  gmm_dense_Householder.h [code]
 Householder for dense matrices.
file  gmm_dense_lu.h [code]
 LU factorizations and determinant computation for dense matrices.
file  gmm_dense_matrix_functions.h [code]
 Common matrix functions for dense matrices.
file  gmm_dense_qr.h [code]
 Dense QR factorization.
file  gmm_dense_sylvester.h [code]
 Sylvester equation solver.
file  gmm_domain_decomp.h [code]
 Domain decomposition.
file  gmm_except.h [code]
 Definition of basic exceptions.
file  gmm_inoutput.h [code]
 Input/output on sparse matrices.
file  gmm_interface.h [code]
 gmm interface for STL vectors.
file  gmm_interface_bgeot.h [code]
 interface for bgeot::small_vector
file  gmm_iter.h [code]
 Iteration object.
file  gmm_iter_solvers.h [code]
 Include standard gmm iterative solvers (cg, gmres, ...)
file  gmm_kernel.h [code]
 Include the base gmm files.
file  gmm_lapack_interface.h [code]
 gmm interface for LAPACK
file  gmm_matrix.h [code]
 Declaration of some matrix types (gmm::dense_matrix, gmm::row_matrix, gmm::col_matrix, gmm::csc_matrix, etc.)
file  gmm_modified_gram_schmidt.h [code]
 Modified Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization.
file  gmm_MUMPS_interface.h [code]
 Interface with MUMPS (LU direct solver for sparse matrices).
file  gmm_opt.h [code]
 Optimization for some small cases (inversion of 2x2 matrices etc.)
file  gmm_precond.h [code]
 gmm preconditioners.
file  gmm_precond_diagonal.h [code]
 Diagonal matrix preconditoner.
file  gmm_precond_ildlt.h [code]
 Incomplete Level 0 ILDLT Preconditioner.
file  gmm_precond_ildltt.h [code]
 incomplete LDL^t (cholesky) preconditioner with fill-in and threshold.
file  gmm_precond_ilu.h [code]
 Incomplete LU without fill-in Preconditioner.
file  gmm_precond_ilut.h [code]
 ILUT: Incomplete LU with threshold and K fill-in Preconditioner.
file  gmm_precond_ilutp.h [code]
 ILUTP: Incomplete LU with threshold and K fill-in Preconditioner and column pivoting.
file  gmm_precond_mr_approx_inverse.h [code]
 Approximate inverse via MR iteration.
file  gmm_range_basis.h [code]
 Extract a basis of the range of a (large sparse) matrix from the columns of this matrix.
file  gmm_real_part.h [code]
 extract the real/imaginary part of vectors/matrices
file  gmm_ref.h [code]
 Provide some simple pseudo-containers.
file  gmm_scaled.h [code]
 get a scaled view of a vector/matrix.
file  gmm_solver_bfgs.h [code]
 Implements BFGS (Broyden, Fletcher, Goldfarb, Shanno) algorithm.
file  gmm_solver_bicgstab.h [code]
 BiCGStab iterative solver.
file  gmm_solver_cg.h [code]
 Conjugate gradient iterative solver.
file  gmm_solver_constrained_cg.h [code]
 Constrained conjugate gradient.
file  gmm_solver_gmres.h [code]
 GMRES (Generalized Minimum Residual) iterative solver.
file  gmm_solver_idgmres.h [code]
 Implicitly restarted and deflated Generalized Minimum Residual.
file  gmm_solver_qmr.h [code]
 Quasi-Minimal Residual iterative solver.
file  gmm_solver_Schwarz_additive.h [code]
file  gmm_std.h [code]
 basic setup for gmm (includes, typedefs etc.)
file  gmm_sub_index.h [code]
file  gmm_sub_matrix.h [code]
 Generic sub-matrices.
file  gmm_sub_vector.h [code]
 Generic sub-vectors.
file  gmm_superlu_interface.h [code]
 Interface with SuperLU (LU direct solver for sparse matrices).
file  gmm_transposed.h [code]
 Generic transposed matrices.
file  gmm_tri_solve.h [code]
 Solve triangular linear system for dense matrices.
file  gmm_vector.h [code]
 Declaration of the vector types (gmm::rsvector, gmm::wsvector, gmm::slvector ,..)
file  gmm_vector_to_matrix.h [code]
 View vectors as row or column matrices.