GetFEM++  5.3
gmm_dense_matrix_functions.h File Reference

Common matrix functions for dense matrices. More...

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template<typename T >
void gmm::sqrtm_utri_inplace (dense_matrix< T > &A)
 Matrix square root for upper triangular matrices (from GNU Octave).
template<typename T >
void gmm::logm_utri_inplace (dense_matrix< T > &S)
 Matrix logarithm for upper triangular matrices (from GNU/Octave)
template<typename T >
void gmm::logm (const dense_matrix< T > &A, dense_matrix< T > &LOGMA)
 Matrix logarithm (from GNU/Octave)

Detailed Description

Common matrix functions for dense matrices.

Konstantinos Poulios
December 10, 2014.

Definition in file gmm_dense_matrix_functions.h.