GetFEM  5.4.2
gmm_dense_qr.h File Reference

Dense QR factorization. More...

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template<typename MAT1 >
void gmm::qr_factor (const MAT1 &A_)
 QR factorization using Householder method (complex and real version).
template<typename MAT1 , typename MAT2 , typename MAT3 >
void gmm::qr_factor (const MAT1 &A, const MAT2 &QQ, const MAT3 &RR)
 Compute the QR factorization, where Q is assembled.
template<typename MAT , typename Ttol , typename VECT >
void gmm::extract_eig (const MAT &A, const VECT &V, Ttol tol)
 Compute eigenvalue vector.

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