GetFEM  5.4.2
gmm_solver_constrained_cg.h File Reference

Constrained conjugate gradient. More...

#include "gmm_kernel.h"
#include "gmm_iter.h"

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template<typename Matrix , typename CMatrix , typename Matps , typename VectorX , typename VectorB , typename VectorF , typename Preconditioner >
void gmm::constrained_cg (const Matrix &A, const CMatrix &C, VectorX &x, const VectorB &b, const VectorF &f, const Matps &PS, const Preconditioner &M, iteration &iter)
 Compute the minimum of $ 1/2((Ax).x) - bx $ under the contraint $ Cx <= f $.

Detailed Description

Constrained conjugate gradient.

Yves Renard
October 13, 2002.

Definition in file gmm_solver_constrained_cg.h.