Reference Guide for Swarm 2.2

Swarm Development Group


Swarm is a collection of libraries against which you link your simulation code. This document describes the interface for those core libraries.

Important: The probe, random and technical appendices formerly part of the Reference Guide for Swarm have been removed and relocated to the new Swarm User Guide. In the interests of conserving paper, the grid turtle example programs are available in tar.gz format from the Swarm ftp site (see Appendix A) and pointers to the full text of the LGPL and GPL licenses (see Appendix C) are provided rather than the full text itself.

Revision History (refbook)
Table of Contents
Swarm Changes and Compatibility
I. Defobj Library
II. Collections Library
III. Activity Library
IV. Objectbase Library
V. Random Library
VI. Simtools Library
VII. Simtoolsgui Library
VIII. Gui Library
IX. Analysis Library
X. Space Library
XI. Startup protocol
A. GridTurtle Test Programs
B. Library Interface Conventions
C. Licenses for Distribution of Swarm and Applications
Protocol Index
Method Index
Function Index
Global Index
Macro Index
Typedef Index

List of Examples