2000-03-28 mgd
Swarmdocs 2.1.1 frozen.

2000-03-01 mgd
Swarmdocs 2.1 frozen.

2000-03-01 Makefile.am, Makefile.rules mgd
(nodist_noinst_DATA): Add. Needed in order to get the dependency for generated SGML. (gridexamples.sgml): Remove. (GENERATED_SGML): Remove gridexamples.sgml. (EXAMPLES): Remove. (refindex.sgml $(PAGES), graph): Quote SWARMSRCDIR and SWARMDOCS.

2000-03-01 grid-app.sgml mgd
Add LINK to IMPORTANT for all files.

2000-03-01 ref00a.sgml mgd
Remove obsolete reference to release changes.

2000-03-01 refcont.sgml alex
Remove {lgpl,gpl}-app.sgml inclusion in content.

2000-03-01 refbook.ent alex
Likewise for the relevant ENTITIES.

2000-03-01 lgpl-app.sgml, gpl-app.sgml alex
Remove files.

2000-03-01 Makefile.am alex
(SGML): Add license-app.sgml.

2000-03-01 refmeta.sgml alex
Add admonition regarding reorganization and deletion of appendices in ABSTRACT.

2000-03-01 grid-app.sgml alex
Remove the inline gridturtle code. Add admonition specifying location of tar.gz file for download.

2000-03-01 Makefile.am alex
(noinst_DATA): Remove variable entirely, since we neither install nor distribute the GENERATED_SGML files.

2000-03-01 Makefile.rules alex
(noinst_DATA): Likewise for generated revhistory.sgml files

2000-02-29 ref00a.sgml mgd
Add 2.1 porting notes.

2000-02-15 ref00.sgml alex
Update Acknowledgment section and remove swarm@santafe.edu mailto link.

2000-02-15 refcont.sgml alex
Comment-out random-app.sgml, probes-app.sgml, techcont.sgml APPENDIXes. All material either outdated or relocated to the Swarm User Guide.

1999-09-22 graph.el mgd
Use TOP_BUILDDIR, rather than BUILDDIR to load protocol.

1999-06-22 sgml.el mgd
(sgml-method-definitions): Use methodinfo- functions instead of list accessors.

1999-06-22 Makefile.am alex
(sgml.elc): Depend on $(abs_top_builddir)/protocol.elc, rather than just protocol.elc. (refindex.sgml $(PAGES)): Likewise. (graph): Likewise.

1999-06-22 sgml.el alex
(load-path): Set to TOP_BUILDDIR, rather than BUILDDIR.

1999-06-21 sgml.el alex
(sgml-refmeta): If deprecated protocol, print Deprecated in square braces after REFENTRYTITLE. (sgml-refsect1-text-list): Print out the deprecated doc-string if set, as a PARA element with EMPHASIS before description text. (sgml-refsect1-description): Pass object to `sgml-refsect1-text-list', so it can determine whether to print deprecated doc-string.

1999-06-21 Makefile.am mgd
(protocol.elc): Remove rule.

1999-06-02 ref00a.sgml alex
Add porting notes for 1.4/1.4.1 -> 2.0 changes.

1999-04-23 Makefile.am mgd
(EXTRA_DIST): Add graph.el. (MODULES): New variable: (SUBDIRS): Use it. (graph): New target.

1999-04-23 graph.el mgd
Moved here from toplevel directory.

1999-04-06 refbook.sgml alex
Update PUBLIC identifier for DTD to "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V3.1//EN" Remove JPEG notation class - now part of the 3.1 DTD.

1999-02-28 sgml.el alex
(run-all): Set uniquify-method-lists to `nil' when calling load-and-process-modules. Ensures all method documentation called correctly.

1999-02-24 Makefile.am mgd
(protocol.elc): Dependency on $(swarm_srcdir)/etc/protocol.el. (sgml.elc): Dependency on common.elc and protocol.elc. Both rely on implicit rules. (EXTRA_DIST): Add sgml.el.

1999-02-24 sgml.el mgd
(sgml-generate-indices): Use get-top-builddir instead of get-swarmdocs-build-area.

1999-02-16 Makefile.am mgd
(refindex.sgml $(PAGES)): Depend on $(swarm_srcdir)/etc/{protocol,common}.el instead of $(top_srcdir)/{protocol,common}.el. Load sgml.el instead of protocol.el.

1999-02-09 refcont.sgml alex
(random-app.sgml): Add `Random' Appendix to list of contents.

1999-01-26 refmeta.sgml alex
Move bibliodata entity outside of BOOKBIBLIO - so legalnotice links work.

1999-01-23 ref00a.sgml mgd
Remove porting note about .swarmArchiver. Swarm 1.4 will read old files, but then change the syntax.

1999-01-15 ref00a.sgml alex
Add porting note on Histogram protocol change.

1999-01-13 refmeta.sgml alex
Remove old LEGALNOTICE text. Refer the newly-defined {doc,swarm}-legalnotice entities from global.ent. Move CORPAUTHOR inside BOOKBIBLIO.

1999-01-13 gpl-app.sgml alex
Refer to the Swarm documentation as being under the terms of the GPL.

1999-01-13 ref00a.sgml alex
(SECT1): Add porting notes for Swarm 1.4.

1999-01-07 ref00a.sgml alex

1999-01-07 gpl-app.sgml alex
Remove SIDEBAR from wrapping the licence text, SIDEBAR can't run over a page in the printed backend. Make introductory description a SIDEBAR.

1999-01-07 lgpl-app.sgml alex

1999-01-07 ref00.sgml alex
Replace SECT1 with two SIMPLESECTs. Tidying and reformatting. (Acknowledgements): Updated.

1998-12-22 probes-app.sgml alex
({customized,complete}-probe-map): Add IDs to FIGUREs

1998-10-14 refbook.tex.in mgd
Use top_dossrcdir instead of top_srcdir.

1998-10-09 refbook.tex.in mgd
Include tex/macros.tex.

1998-08-25 ref00a.sgml mgd
Add 1.2 -> 1.3 porting notes.

1998-07-23 ref00a.sgml mgd
Put items related to HeatbugObserverSwarm.h in their own list.

1998-07-18 ref00a.sgml mgd
Clarify wording about not using statically typed Swarm objects.

1998-06-25 Makefile.am alex
(refindex.sgml $(PAGES)): Set temporary environment variable SWARMSRCDIR before invocation of batch-mode e-lisp program `protocol.el'.

1998-06-24 ref00a.sgml alex
Tidied 1.1 => 1.2 porting notes.

1998-06-23 ref00a.sgml alex
Added porting notes for Swarm 1.1 => 1.2. Expanded porting notes for Swarm 1.0.5 => 1.1. Added intro SIDEBAR.

1998-06-17 refmeta.sgml mgd
Use refbookrevhistory.sgml instead of srcrevhistory.sgml. Scale graphic to 100%.

1998-06-17 refbook.sgml mgd
Use refbook.ent instead of src.ent.

1998-06-17 Makefile.am mgd
Include refbook/Makefile.rules instead of src/Makefile.rules. (GENERATED_SGML): Rename srcrevhistory.sgml to refbookrevhistory.sgml. (ENT, EXTRA_DIST): Use refbook.ent instead of src.ent.

1998-06-17 refbook.ent mgd
Renamed from src.ent.

1998-06-16 probes-app.sgml alex
(complete-probe-map): Scale graphic to 50%. (customized-probe-map): Scale graphic to 75 %. In 'Support for Probing' section - make ITEMIZEDLIST spacing=compact.

1998-06-15 Makefile.am mgd
Include $(top_srcdir)/src/Makefile.rules. (SGML): Move ENT to SGML_FILES. (EXTRA_DIST): New variable.

1998-06-15 Makefile.rules mgd
New file.

1998-06-12 refmeta.sgml mgd
Scale graphic to 75%.

1998-06-12 Makefile.am mgd
(gridexamples.sgml): Update IDs to SWARM.module.SGML.type.

1998-06-12 conventions-app.sgml, gpl-app.sgml, grid-app.sgml, lgpl-app.sgml, probes-app.sgml, ref00.sgml, ref00a.sgml, refmeta.sgml mgd

1998-06-11 refbook.sgml mgd
Use jpeg instead of jpg for notation and local.notation.class.

1998-06-10 Makefile.am mgd
Move CLEANFILES to Makefile.rules. (GENERATED_SGML): Move versions.ent to Makefile.rules. (ENT): New variable, the list of .ent files for this module. (SGML): Add ENT.

1998-06-10 lgpl-app.sgml, gpl-app.sgml, ref00a.sgml alex
Fixed the IDs to have the appropriate "SWARM.SRC." prefix in the content ID.

1998-06-10 ref00.sgml alex
Made SIMPLESECTs into SECT2s. Fixed redundant "SWARM.SRC." in PREFACE id.

1998-06-09 refmeta.sgml alex
Change CORPAUTHOR to 'corpauthor' - an SFI Hive global entity.

1998-06-09 refmeta.sgml mgd
Change CORPAUTHOR to SDP. Overview needlessly wordy.

1998-06-08 refbook.sgml.in mgd
Use public identifer for global.ent, and src.ent. Add versions.ent and figs.ent.

1998-06-08 Makefile.am mgd
(GENERATED_SGML): Add versions.ent.

1998-06-07 src.ent.in mgd
Define graphic entities per html/print.

1998-06-07 refbook.sgml.in mgd
Add local.notation.class entity and notation for JPG.

1998-06-07 config.ent alex

1998-06-07 src.ent alex
Removed reference to config.ent.

1998-06-06 src.ent.in mgd
Don't use extracted locations, as module entities now all reference public identifiers.

1998-06-05 src.ent.in mgd
Add srcrevhistory.sgml.

1998-06-05 refmeta.sgml mgd
Replace REVHISTORY with srcrevhistory.sgml.

1998-06-05 Makefile.am mgd
(SUBDIRS): Add tech. (swarm_ChangeLog): Add (empty). (GENERATED_SGML): Add srcrevhistory.sgml.

1998-06-03 Makefile.am alex
(CLEANFILES): Changed hardcoded refbook.rtf to $(NAME).rtf. Added Local variable mode for emacs makefile-mode.

1998-06-03 Makefile.am mgd
(gridexamples.sgml): Remove unnecessary subshell for `for' loop and don't cd to $(srcdir) when done (it's in a subshell).

1998-06-01 grid alex
Moved the grid subdir to the root of the Swarm application source tree and renamed to gridturtle.

1998-06-01 Makefile.am alex
(gridexamples.sgml): After changing directories into $(gridturtle_srcdir) - change directory back to $(srcdir) to restore location.

1998-06-01 Makefile.am mgd
(swarm_srcdir, gridturtle_srcdir): New variables which get substituted assignments from configure. Use them instead of $(SWARMHOME) and $(srcdir)/grid.

1998-06-01 grid-app.sgml alex
Fixed incorrect LINKENDS and descriptions for grid5.m and grid6.m.

1998-05-29 probes-app.sgml mgd
Update LINKENDs per new ID conventions.

1998-05-26 Makefile.am mgd
(refindex.sgml $(PAGES)): Add $(top_srcdir)/protocol.el and $(top_srcdir)/common.el as dependents. (refindex.sgml $(PAGES)): Set SWARMDOCS environment variable to the fully-resolved top_srcdir.

1998-05-23 refbook.sgml.in mgd
New file.

1998-05-23 refbook.tex.in mgd
New file.

1998-05-23 refbook.sgml mgd

1998-05-23 Makefile.am mgd
New file.

1998-05-23 Makefile mgd

1998-05-23 src.ent.in mgd
New file.

1998-05-23 src.ent mgd

1998-05-22 mgd
Begin revision log.