VIII. Gui Library

1. Dependencies

Following are the other header files imported by <gui.h>:

#import <objectbase.h>

2. Compatibility

  • 1.0.5 -> 1.1. This library was created with the Swarm 1.1 release, earlier version of Swarm used the tkobjc functions directly.

Table of Contents
ArchivedGeometryWidget --  Base class for widgets that archive geometry.
Button --  A button widget.
ButtonPanel --  Several buttons bound together in one frame.
Canvas --  An interface to Tk canvas semantics.
CanvasAbstractItem --  An abstract class for items on a Canvas.
CanvasItem --  An abstract superclass for simple Canvas items.
CheckButton --  A check box on/off selection widget.
Circle --  A CanvasItem that displays a circle.
ClassDisplayHideButton --  The hide button used by a CompleteProbeDisplay.
ClassDisplayLabel --  A label for displaying class names.
Colormap --  An class for creating a color palette for use with a Raster.
CompleteProbeDisplayLabel --  A class label used in a SimpleProbeDisplay.
CompositeItem --  A CanvasItem with several pieces.
Drawer --  The interface used by Raster to draw an arbitrary object.
Entry --  Handles text-field input.
Form --  A set of Entry widgets bound together in one frame.
Frame --  Encapsulation of toplevels.
Graph --  A time series graph tool.
GraphElement --  Contains a set of related data for display.
Histogram --  Histogram display tool.
InputWidget --  Abstract superclass for widgets that take input.
Label --  A widget with text.
Line --  A CanvasItem that displays a line.
LinkItem --  A canvas item for displaying a link between two nodes.
MessageProbeEntry --  A widget for arguments to a message probe.
NodeItem --  A class for displaying a node on a Canvas.
OvalNodeItem --  A circular NodeItem.
Pixmap --  A class for drawing color bitmaps on a Raster.
ProbeCanvas --  A canvas type for probe displays.
Raster --  A two dimension color display class.
Rectangle --  A CanvasItem that displays a rectangle.
RectangleNodeItem --  A rectangular NodeItem.
ScheduleItem --  A canvas item for displaying the time structure of a schedule.
SimpleProbeDisplayHideButton --  The hide button used by a SimpleProbeDisplay.
SuperButton --  Request superclass in ClassDisplayWidget.
TextItem --  A CanvasItem that displays text.
VarProbeEntry --  A widget for variable probes.
VarProbeLabel --  A label for displaying variable names.
Widget --  Widget base class.
WindowGeometryRecord --  A container for window geometry information.
ZoomRaster --  A zoomable Raster.
General --  GUI interface for Swarm

Documentation and Implementation Status

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