2004-07-16 gui.h schristley
(GUI_*): Exclude tk macros for GNUstep.

2003-06-23 gui.h pauljohn
declare ZoomRaster method - (void)fillCenteredRectangleX0: (int)x0 Y0: (int)y0 X1: (int)x1 Y1: (int)y1 Color: (Color)color; In case users want to draw rectangles whose position does not change when zooming rasters.

2001-05-13 gui.h mgd
(Histogram): Name count: argument to setColors:count: and setLabels:count: "count".

2001-04-18 gui.h mgd
(NodeItem): New method -resetString:. (LinkItem): New method -setDirectedFlag:.

2001-03-29 gui.h mgd
(Pixmap): Remove drawX:Y:, it's in Drawer. (CanvasItem): Remove initiateMoveX:Y:, it's in CanvasAbstractItem. (NodeItem): Change argument name of setString to label.

2001-03-20 gui.h mgd
(Graph, Histogram): Make setTitle and setAxisLabelsX:Y: have object returns because there are analysis methods in creating phase.

2001-03-13 gui.h mgd
Add setSymbolSize: to GraphElement.

2001-03-12 gui.h mgd
Many changes to remove ugly object returns.

2001-03-03 gui.h mgd
(NodeItem): Move setString, setFont, and setX:Y: into create phase. (In the last case, note there is a moveX:Y: method.)

2000-09-20 gui.h mgd
(ArchivedGeometryWidget): Declare -updateSize.

2000-06-29 gui.h mgd
(ArchivedGeometryWidget): Remove return type on updateArchiver:.

2000-05-23 gui.h mgd
(Pixmap): Adopt drop.

2000-04-20 gui.h mgd
Note that window geometry record names must not have spaces.

2000-03-28 mgd
Swarmdocs 2.1.1 frozen.

2000-02-29 mgd
Swarmdocs 2.1 frozen.

2000-02-18 gui.h mgd
Remove extra +createBegin and -createEnd throughout. Move +create:setWindowGeometryRecordName: to ArchivedGeometryWidget. Remove from Raster and ZoomRaster.

1999-10-08 gui.h mgd
(ArchivedGeometryWidget): Add -setSaveSizeFlag:.

1999-09-14 gui.h alex
(Raster, ZoomRaster): Add factory +create:setWindowGeometryRecordName: method to protocols.

1999-07-20 gui.h mgd
(Form): Change Boolean: argument type to unsigned * (from BOOL *). (InputWidget): Likewise.

1999-06-05 gui.h mgd
(Colormap): New method unsetColor:. Thanks to Ken Cline.

1999-05-01 gui.h mgd
(Histogram): Change setNumBins: to setBinCount:. Change type of setActiveOutlierText:count: arguments to unsigned.

1999-03-20 gui.h mgd
(WindowGeometryRecord): Don't tag as CREATABLE. Add @class for CheckButton, Form, CanvasIteim, NodeItem, and Rectangle.

1999-02-26 gui.h mgd
Add CREATABLE tags for all non-abstract protocols.

1999-02-23 gui.h mgd
Merge internal protocols into advertised protocols.

1999-02-08 gui.h mgd
(_ArchivedGeometryWidget): Add archiver argument to updateArchiver:. Version 1.4.1.

1999-01-06 gui.h mgd
(_Histogram): Change argument to setNumBins: to unsigned. Add count argument to setColors and setLabels.

1998-11-18 gui.h mgd
(Widget, WindowGeometryRecord, GraphElement, CanvasAbstractItem): Adopt Create and Drop instead of SwarmObject. (_ClassDisplayLabel, _CompleteProbeDisplayLabel, _ClassDisplayHideButton, _MessageProbeEntry, _TextItem, _Circle): Add USING tag. (_ButtonPanel, _CompositeItem): Add CREATING tag.

1998-11-17 gui.h mgd
(_WindowGeometryRecord): Adopt Serialization protocol; don't redeclare methods.

1998-11-16 gui.h mgd
Remove creating phase +in:. Rename in: and out: to lispin: and lispout:.

1998-09-30 gui.h mgd
(_Histogram): -setNumBins:, -setLabels:, -setColors:, +createBegin:, createEnd: Split out setNumPoints:Labels:Colors: into different methods.

1998-09-28 gui.h alex
(ScheduleItem): Fixed incorrect documentation markup of `Description' entry for protocol.

1998-09-28 gui.h mgd
(_Canvas, _Frame): Move Frame's assertGeometry to Canvas as checkGeometry:.

1998-09-25 gui.h mgd
(_Canvas): Use addWidget:X:Y:centerFlag: and removeWidget:.

1998-09-24 gui.h mgd
(_ScheduleItem): Add trigger:X:Y:. (_CompleteProbeDisplayLabel): Remove setProbeDisplayManager: and rename setProbeDisplay: to setTargetWidget:.

1998-09-23 gui.h mgd
(_ScheduleItem): Add at:owner:widget:x:y:.

1998-09-22 gui.h mgd
(Circle): Make argument to setRadius: unsigned. Provide Circle, Line, ScheduleItem, and TextItem class objects. (_ScheduleItem, ScheduleItem): New protocols. (_TextItem): Add +createBegin: and setCenterFlag:.

1998-09-17 gui.h mgd
(Pixmap): New method setDecorationsFlag:.

1998-09-03 gui.h mgd
(Widget): Declare -getParent and -getTopLevel. Revert removal of -getWindowGeometry and -setWindowGeometry:, but don't document them. (Histogram): Declare setXaxisMin:max:step:precision:.

1998-08-19 gui.h mgd
(Pixmap): Add setDirectory:.

1998-08-18 gui.h mgd
(Pixmap): Revert create:widget: and create:file: addition and use setFile: and setWidget: instead.

1998-08-06 gui.h mgd
(_Pixmap): Add create:widget: and create:file:. Move setRaster: to using phase (still need to make implementation synchronize). Add save:.

1998-07-22 gui.h mgd
(Graph): Add setRangesXMin:Max:.

1998-07-21 gui.h mgd
(Graph): Arguments to setScaleModeX:Y: are now boolean, not integers.

1998-07-15 gui.h mgd
(_VarProbeEntry): Replace setProbeType: with setVarProbe:. Add getVarProbe.

1998-07-07 gui.h mgd
(_GraphElement): New method -setWidth:.

1998-07-01 gui.h mgd
(Widget): Rename setPositionX:Y: to setX:Y:. Add new methods -getX and -getY. (_WindowGeometryRecord): Remove getWindowGeometry and setWindowGeometry:. Remove -describe:. Add setX:Y:, setWidth:Height:, getSizeFlag, getPositionFlag, getWidth, getHeight, getX, and getY.

1998-06-17 Makefile.am mgd
Include from refbook/ instead of src/.

1998-06-17 guimeta.sgml alex
Removed redundant text from ABSTRACT.

1998-06-17 gui00.sgml alex
Added objectbase.h to list of dependencies.

1998-06-15 Makefile.am mgd
(MODULE): New variable. Include Makefile.rules from src. Remove everything else.

1998-06-14 gui.h mgd
Make separate ifdefs for GUI macros to work with the protocol script. Use #if 0 for awt.

1998-06-12 gui00.sgml, guicont.sgml mgd
Update IDs to SWARM.module.SGML.type.

1998-06-06 gui.ent mgd
Use public identifiers.

1998-06-05 Makefile.am mgd
(swarm_ChangeLog): Add.

1998-06-05 gui.h alex
Fixed (#if 1) around the tk macros - erroneosly set to (#if 0).

1998-06-03 gui.h mgd
Update documentation tags. Use #if 0 for macros to avoid multiple definitions in protocol.el.

1998-05-27 gui.ent.in mgd
Fix typo in revhistory.

1998-05-23 Makefile.am mgd
New file.

1998-05-23 gui.ent.in mgd
New file.

1998-05-23 gui.ent mgd

1998-05-22 mgd
Begin revision log.

1998-05-22 gui.h mgd
(_ArchivedGeometryWidget): Declare -loadWindowGeometryRecord, -registerAndLoad, +createBegin:, -updateArchiver, -getDestroyedFlag, and -drop.

1998-05-13 gui.h mgd
InputWidget: new protocol. Make CheckButton and Entry inherit from InputWidget, not _InputWidget.

1998-05-06 gui.h mgd
(_Widget, _WindowGeometryRecord, _ArchivedGeometryWidget, _Frame, _Canvas, _ProbeCanvas, _GraphElement, _Graph, _Histogram, _Label, _ClassDisplayLabel, _VarProbeLabel, _CompleteProbeDisplayLabel, _Button, _ClassDisplayHideButton, _SimpleProbeDisplayHideButton, _SuperButton, _InputWidget, _Entry, _MessageProbeEntry, _VarProbeEntry, _ButtonPanel, _Form, _Colormap, _Drawer, _Raster, _Pixmap, _CanvasAbstractItem, _CanvasItem, _CompositeItem, _NodeItem, _LinkItem, _OvalNodeItem, _RectangleNodeItem, _TextItem, _Circle, _Rectangle, _Line): Add phase tags. (_Widget, _WindowGeometryRecord, _ArchivedGeometryWidget, _Frame, _ProbeCanvas, _Raster, _ZoomRaster, _Pixmap, _CanvasAbstractItem, _NodeItem, _LinkItem): Reorder definitions for above. Move all //S and //D comments in internal protocols to external protocols. (_GraphElement): Declare -setOwnerGraph:, -createEnd, and +createOwnerGraph:. (_Raster): Declare +createBegin and -createEnd. (_Graph, _Histogram, _Label, _ClassDisplayLabel, _Button, _SimpleProbeDisplayHideButton, _InputWidget, _Form, _Colormap, _ZoomRaster): Declare -createEnd.

1998-04-23 gui.h mgd
Add documentation tags to all protocols. Bring in sync with tkobjc changes.

1998-04-17 gui.h mgd
(Raster): Add ellipseX0:Y0:X1:Y1:Width:Color, lineX0:Y0:X1:Y1:Width:Color:, and rectangleX0:Y0:X1:Y1:Width:Color:. New protocols ButtonPanel, Form, CheckButton, OvalNodeItem, RectangleNodeItem, CanvasItem, TextItem, Circle, Rectangle, and Line. Split all protocols into `New' and `Usage' parts.

1998-04-13 gui.h mgd
Colormap and Pixmap protocols now are drived from Create protocol. (Thanks to Ken Cline.) Add "@class Raster". (Thanks to Pietro Terna.) (Pixmap): Add getWidth and getHeight methods to protocol.

1998-04-10 gui.h mgd
Create class object for Raster. (Drawer): Use it to declare drawX:Y: method spec. (Raster): Declare draw:X:Y: method spec. (Pixmap): New protocol. Create class object for Pixmap.

1998-02-27 gui.h mgd
(Entry): Add linkVariableInt: to protocol (used in testIPD). (Graph) Add setRangesYMin:Max:. (GraphElement): Add setColor:, setDashes:, setSymbol:, and resetData. (Entry): Add linkVariableDouble: and linkVariableBoolean:.

1998-02-24 gui.h alex
(GUI_UPDATE_IDLE_TASKS): Added to call the new parametrized (tkobjc_updateIdleTasks) for the Tk #ifndef and a stub added for the Java version.

1998-02-20 gui.h mgd
Change javaobjc to awtobjc throughout. Use initAWTObjc instead of initJavaObjc.

1998-02-18 gui.h mgd
Add AWT placeholders for GUI_* macros. Change GUI_INIT to take a single argument, the Arguments object. Switch from #ifdef _TK_ to #ifndef USE_JAVA. (Widget): Add setPositionX:Y:.

1998-01-27 gui.h mgd
Remove GUI_ prefixes from GUI_Color and GUI_PixelValue. Notes about XPixmap and XDrawer. Remove GUI_ButtonRight. Add ButtonLeft, ButtonMiddle, and ButtonRight defines. Use #import for tkobjc/common.h and tkobjc/global.h. Rename class XColormap to Colormap and BLTGraph to Graph. Add @class Entry. Add getParent for Widget. Add fillRectangeX0:Y0:X1:Y1:Color: to Raster. Add moveX:Y: to CompositeItem.

1998-01-26 gui.h mgd
Remove some USING tags.

1998-01-25 gui.h mgd
(Widget): Remove setBorderWidth. Add packToRight. (Frame): Change enableRelief to setRelief:. Add setBorderWidth to Frame. (Label): Remove anchorEast, anchorWest, colorBlue. (ClassDisplayLabel, VarProbeLabel, ClassDisplayHideButton): Added. (SuperButton): Add createEnd, setOwner, setUser. Add ClassDisplayLabel, VarProbeLabel.

1998-01-25 gui.h mgd
New file.