IX. Analysis Library

1. Dependencies

Following are the other header files imported by <analysis.h>:

#import <objectbase.h>
#import <simtoolsgui.h>

2. Compatibility

No explicit compatibility issues for particular versions of Swarm

Table of Contents
ActiveGraph --  Provides a continuous data feed between Swarm and the GUI.
ActiveOutFile --  An object that actively updates its file stream when updated.
Averager --  Averages together data, gives the data to whomever asks.
EZAverageSequence --  Protocol for an EZAverageSequence
EZBin --  An easy to use histogram interface.
EZDistribution --  An EZBin that treats data as a distribution.
EZGraph --  A class for easily create graphs.
EZSequence --  Protocol for an EZSequence
Entropy --  Computes entropy via a MessageProbe.
FunctionGraph --  A widget for drawing a function over a range of one variable.
General --  Analysis tools

Documentation and Implementation Status

Revision History (analysis)