2004-07-30 analysis.h mgd
(EZAverageSequence, EZSequence): Also exclude in --disable-gui case, as they won't be implemented.

2004-07-21 analysis.h schristley
#ifndef DISABLE_GUI classes not applicable for a non-gui Swarm build.

2002-05-15 analysis.h mgd
(ActiveGraph): Move getCurrentValue to using phase. (ActiveOutFile): Add getCurrentValue.

2001-05-13 analysis.h mgd
(EZBin, EZGraph): For the sake of COM, name the count: argument "count".

2001-01-17 analysis.h mgd
(EZSequence): Add setUnsignedArg:. (EZAverageSequence): Adopt EZSequence.

2000-04-27 analysis.h mgd
([{Averager,Entropy,EZDistribution,EZGraph} -createEnd]): Remove. ([{EZBin,FunctionGraph] +createBegin:, -createEnd]): Remove. ([EZDistribution -update, -output]): Protect with #ifndef IDL.

2000-03-28 mgd
Swarmdocs 2.1.1 frozen.

2000-02-29 mgd
Swarmdocs 2.1 frozen.

1999-09-07 analysis.h mgd
Add @class EZAverageSequence;

1999-09-07 analysis.h alex
(EZAverageSequence): New protocol, make RETURNABLE.

1999-09-07 analysis.h alex
(EZGraph), EZGraph.[hm]: ([EZGraph -createSequence:withFeedFrom:andSelector:]) returns an object of type EZSequence. ([EZGraph -create{Average,Min,Max,Count}Sequence:withFeedFrom:andSelector:]): returns an object of type EZAverageSequence.

1999-08-22 analysis.h mgd
Add Zone typing to +create:* methods. (EZSequence): Change from CREATABLE to RETURNABLE.

1999-08-09 analysis.h alex
(EZGraph): Add two convenience methods for batch-mode (non-graphical) instances of EZGraph (+create:setFileOutput:, +create:setFileName:).

1999-08-02 analysis.h alex
(EZGraph): Add new convenience factory method to protocol.

1999-07-21 analysis.h vjojic
Add EZSequence protocol.

1999-04-26 analysis.h alex
(EZBin, EZGraph): Add compliance to SwarmObject protocol.

1999-02-26 analysis.h mgd
Add CREATABLE tags to all non-abstract protocols.

1999-01-16 analysis.h alex
([EZGraph -setFileName:]): Update method documentation.

1998-12-10 analysis.h mgd
(EZBin, EZGraph): Declare getFilename and setFilename:. Add getTitle.

1998-09-30 analysis.h mgd
(EZBin): Add setMonoColorBars:. (EZGraph): Change getGraph return type, and include createEnd.

1998-09-18 analysis.h mgd
(EZBin): Note that the upper bound is not inclusive.

1998-09-03 analysis.h mgd

1998-08-24 analysis.h mgd
(EZGraph): Return value is now a sequence for create{,Average,Count,Min,Max,Total}Sequence:withFeedFrom: methods. Declare new method -dropSequence:.

1998-07-10 analysis.h alex
(FunctionGraph): Add phase tags CREATING and USING.

1998-07-08 analysis.h mgd
(ActiveGraph, ActiveOutFile, FunctionGraph): Add protocols and class objects.

1998-06-17 Makefile.am mgd
Include from refbook/ instead of src/.

1998-06-17 analysis00.sgml alex
Added missing description of dependencies - objectbase.h and simtoolsgui.h.

1998-06-15 Makefile.am mgd
(MODULE): New variable. Include Makefile.rules from src. Remove everything else.

1998-06-12 analysis00.sgml, analysiscont.sgml mgd
Update IDs to SWARM.module.SGML.type.

1998-06-06 analysis.ent mgd
Use public identifiers.

1998-06-05 Makefile.am mgd
(swarm_ChangeLog): Add.

1998-06-03 analysis.h mgd
Updated documentation tags.

1998-05-23 Makefile.am mgd
New file.

1998-05-23 analysis.ent.in mgd
New file:

1998-05-23 analysis.ent mgd

1998-05-22 mgd
Begin revision log.

1998-05-06 analysis.h mgd
(Averager, Entropy, EZBin, EZDistribution, EZGraph): (EZBin): Declare +createBegin:. (Entropy, EZDistribution): Declare -createEnd. (EZBin, EZGraph): -setGraphs and -setFileOutput take a BOOL, not int as an argument. Reorder for phase tags.

1998-04-23 analysis.h mgd
Remove includes of analysis things. Replace with protocols for Averager, EZBin, EZDistribution, EZGraph, and Entropy. Add a @class for each.