FunctionGraph --  A widget for drawing a function over a range of one variable.


The FunctionGraph class is like the ActiveGraph except that instead of plotting values versus time it plots them versus some specified range on the x-axis. Also, instead of plotting one value on each step (as you would with time), FunctionGraph does a complete sampling whenever the `graph' method is called. That is, it graphs f(x) = y for all x in [minX, maxX] where x = minX + n * stepS ize.

The user specifies stuff like minX, maxX, the number of steps between minX and maxX to sample at and a method selector that is a wrapper for the equation being graphed. The method selector must be in a particular format: (BOOL) f: (double *) x : (double *) y If the method returns FALSE then that x value is skipped, otherwise it is assummed that y = f(x) and that value is plotted.

Protocols adopted by FunctionGraph



Phase: Creating

Phase: Using