gui --  GUI interface for Swarm


Tcl/Tk is a scripting language and graphical widget set. TkObjc is a library of wrapper classes around Tk and BLT widgets. It's purpose is to provide a simple graphical interface while hiding most Tk-specific code from library users. To create and use graphical widgets, the user merely needs to create and use objects. Many of the objects here are straightforward wrappings of Tk widgets, but some (ButtonPanel, for instance) are combinations of other widgets, and others (Raster) are novel code.

TkObjc works with most configurations of Tcl, Tk and BLT. It depends on the tclobjc package, the current version is 1.3 (available from Swarm authors). Very little of this code is library-version dependent, however, as most of it works by directly calling the Tk interpreter.

The basic purpose of tkobjc is to package Tk functionality. Therefore, tkobjc's behaviour is similar to the Tk toolkit. For simple usage one should be able to get fairly far just by looking at this document, the header files, and the Swarm examples: more complicated graphical output will require the programmer have some familiarity with Tk.