VII. Simtoolsgui Library

1. Dependencies

Following are the other header files imported by <simtoolsgui.h>:

#import <objectbase.h>
#import <activity.h>

2. Compatibility

  • 1.0.5 -> 1.1. This new library has been created it contains all the classes which were GUI-related, so that users can compile and link pure-batch mode simulations (i.e. simulations that don't require Tk/Tcl/BLT, Java AWT or any GUI toolkit).

Table of Contents
ActionCache --  A class to manage threads and Swarms.
CommonProbeDisplay --  A protocol underlying ProbeDisplay and CompleteProbeDisplay
CompleteProbeDisplay --  A class that generates a complete ProbeMap for an object.
CompositeWindowGeometryRecordName --  Protocol for archiving objects with several GUI components.
ControlPanel --  Class to control the top level SwarmProcess
GUIComposite --  Base class for objects that use several GUI components.
GUISwarm --  A version of the Swarm class which is graphics aware.
MessageProbeWidget --  A widget for editing the arguments of a MessageProbe.
MultiVarProbeDisplay --  A display for displaying a ProbeMap across a number of objects.
MultiVarProbeWidget --  A widget for displaying multiple objects across multiple fields.
ProbeDisplay --  A class to display ProbeMaps
ProbeDisplayManager --  The ProbeDisplay manager.
SimpleProbeDisplay -- 
SingleProbeDisplay --  An abstract protocol underlying single-object probe displays.
WindowGeometryRecordName --  Protocol for archiving window geometry.
General --  GUI-related features for simulation.

Documentation and Implementation Status

First creation of simtoolsgui documentation.

Revision History (simtoolsgui)