GetFEM++  5.3
bgeot_geometric_trans.h File Reference

Geometric transformations on convexes. More...

#include <set>
#include "bgeot_config.h"
#include "bgeot_convex_ref.h"
#include "getfem/dal_naming_system.h"

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class  bgeot::geometric_trans
 Description of a geometric transformation between a reference element and a real element. More...
class  bgeot::geotrans_precomp_
 precomputed geometric transformation operations use this for repetitive evaluation of a geometric transformations on a set of points "pspt" in the reference convex which do not change. More...
class  bgeot::geotrans_precomp_pool
 The object geotrans_precomp_pool Allow to allocate a certain number of geotrans_precomp and automatically delete them when it is deleted itself. More...
class  bgeot::geotrans_interpolation_context
 the geotrans_interpolation_context structure is passed as the argument of geometric transformation interpolation functions. More...


 Basic Geometric Tools.


typedef std::shared_ptr< const bgeot::geometric_transbgeot::pgeometric_trans
 pointer type for a geometric transformation


functions on geometric transformations
pgeometric_trans bgeot::simplex_geotrans (size_type n, short_type k)
pgeometric_trans bgeot::parallelepiped_geotrans (size_type n, short_type k)
pgeometric_trans bgeot::parallelepiped_linear_geotrans (size_type n)
pgeometric_trans bgeot::prism_geotrans (size_type n, short_type k)
pgeometric_trans bgeot::prism_linear_geotrans (size_type n)
pgeometric_trans bgeot::product_geotrans (pgeometric_trans pg1, pgeometric_trans pg2)
pgeometric_trans bgeot::linear_product_geotrans (pgeometric_trans pg1, pgeometric_trans pg2)
pgeometric_trans bgeot::Q2_incomplete_geotrans (dim_type nc)
pgeometric_trans bgeot::prism_incomplete_P2_geotrans ()
pgeometric_trans bgeot::pyramid_QK_geotrans (short_type k)
IS_DEPRECATED pgeometric_trans APIDECL bgeot::pyramid_geotrans (short_type k)
pgeometric_trans bgeot::pyramid_Q2_incomplete_geotrans ()
pgeometric_trans bgeot::geometric_trans_descriptor (std::string name)
 Get the geometric transformation from its string name. More...
std::string bgeot::name_of_geometric_trans (pgeometric_trans p)
 Get the string name of a geometric transformation. More...
base_small_vector bgeot::compute_normal (const geotrans_interpolation_context &c, size_type face)
 norm of returned vector is the ratio between the face surface on the real element and the face surface on the reference element IT IS NOT UNITARY More...
base_matrix bgeot::compute_local_basis (const geotrans_interpolation_context &c, size_type face)
 return the local basis (i.e. More...

Detailed Description

Geometric transformations on convexes.

Yves Renard
December 20, 2000.

Definition in file bgeot_geometric_trans.h.