GetFEM  5.4.2
getfem Directory Reference


file  bgeot_comma_init.h [code]
 convenient initialization of vectors via overload of "operator,".
file  bgeot_config.h [code]
 defines and typedefs for namespace bgeot
file  bgeot_convex.h [code]
 Convex objects (structure + vertices)
file  bgeot_convex_ref.h [code]
 Reference convexes.
file  bgeot_convex_structure.h [code]
 Definition of convex structures.
file  bgeot_ftool.h [code]
 "File Tools"
file  bgeot_geometric_trans.h [code]
 Geometric transformations on convexes.
file  bgeot_geotrans_inv.h [code]
 Inversion of geometric transformations.
file  bgeot_kdtree.h [code]
 Simple implementation of a KD-tree.
file  bgeot_mesh.h [code]
 Basic mesh definition.
file  bgeot_mesh_structure.h [code]
 Mesh structure definition.
file  bgeot_node_tab.h [code]
 Structure which dynamically collects points identifying points that are nearer than a certain very small distance.
file  bgeot_poly.h [code]
 Multivariate polynomials.
file  bgeot_poly_composite.h [code]
 Handle composite polynomials.
file  bgeot_rtree.h [code]
 region-tree for window/point search on a set of rectangles.
file  bgeot_small_vector.h [code]
 Small (dim < 8) vectors.
file  bgeot_sparse_tensors.h [code]
 Sparse tensors, used during the assembly.
file  bgeot_tensor.h [code]
 tensor class, used in mat_elem computations.
file  bgeot_torus.h [code]
 Provides mesh of torus.
file  dal_backtrace.h [code]
 Get debug information.
file  dal_basic.h [code]
 Dynamic array class.
file  dal_bit_vector.h [code]
 Provide a dynamic bit container.
file  dal_config.h [code]
 defines and typedefs for namespace dal
file  dal_naming_system.h [code]
 Naming system.
file  dal_singleton.h [code]
 A simple singleton implementation.
file  dal_static_stored_objects.h [code]
 Stores interdependent getfem objects.
file  dal_tas.h [code]
 Heap implementation.
file  dal_tree_sorted.h [code]
 a balanced tree stored in a dal::dynamic_array
file  getfem_accumulated_distro.h [code]
 Distribution of assembly results (matrices/vectors) for parallel assembly.
file  getfem_assembling.h [code]
 Miscelleanous assembly routines for common terms. Use the low-level generic assembly. Prefer the high-level one.
file  getfem_assembling_tensors.h [code]
 Generic assembly implementation.
file  getfem_config.h [code]
 defines and typedefs for namespace getfem
file  getfem_contact_and_friction_common.h [code]
 Comomon tools for unilateral contact and Coulomb friction bricks.
file  getfem_contact_and_friction_integral.h [code]
 Unilateral contact and Coulomb friction condition brick.
file  getfem_contact_and_friction_nodal.h [code]
 Unilateral contact and Coulomb friction condition brick.
file  getfem_context.h [code]
 Deal with interdependencies of objects (getfem::context_dependencies).
file  getfem_continuation.h [code]
 Inexact Moore-Penrose continuation method.
file  getfem_convect.h [code]
 Compute the convection of a quantity with respect to a vector field.
file  getfem_copyable_ptr.h [code]
 A smart pointer that copies the value it points to on copy operations.
file  getfem_crack_sif.h [code]
 crack support functions for computation of SIF (stress intensity factors)
file  getfem_deformable_mesh.h [code]
 A class adaptor to deform a mesh.
file  getfem_derivatives.h [code]
 Compute the gradient of a field on a getfem::mesh_fem.
file  getfem_error_estimate.h [code]
 Definition of a posteriori error estimates.
file  getfem_export.h [code]
 Export solutions to various formats.
file  getfem_fem.h [code]
 Definition of the finite element methods.
file  getfem_fem_global_function.h [code]
 Define mesh_fem whose base functions are global function given by the user.
file  getfem_fem_level_set.h [code]
 FEM associated with getfem::mesh_fem_level_set objects.
file  getfem_fourth_order.h [code]
 assembly procedures and bricks for fourth order pdes.
file  getfem_generic_assembly.h [code]
 A language for generic assembly of pde boundary value problems.
file  getfem_generic_assembly_semantic.h [code]
 Semantic analysis of assembly trees and semantic manipulations.
file  getfem_generic_assembly_tree.h [code]
 Compilation and execution operations.
file  getfem_global_function.h [code]
 Definition of global functions to be used as base or enrichment functions in fem.
file  getfem_HHO.h [code]
 Tools for Hybrid-High-Order methods.
file  getfem_im_data.h [code]
 Provides indexing of integration points for mesh_im.
file  getfem_im_list.h [code]
 This file is generated by cubature/make_getfem_list.
file  getfem_import.h [code]
 Import mesh files from various formats.
file  getfem_integration.h [code]
 Integration methods (exact and approximated) on convexes.
file  getfem_interpolated_fem.h [code]
 FEM which interpolates a mesh_fem on a different mesh.
file  getfem_interpolation.h [code]
 Interpolation of fields from a mesh_fem onto another.
file  getfem_level_set.h [code]
 Define level-sets.
file  getfem_level_set_contact.h [code]
 Non frictional level set based large sliding contact; for details see: A. Andreykiv et al. A level set based large sliding contact algorithm for an easy analysis of implant positioning 2012 International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 89, pp. 1317-1336 2D and 3D Examples of the usage: test_contact.cpp.
file  getfem_linearized_plates.h [code]
 Reissner-Mindlin plate model brick.
file  getfem_locale.h [code]
 thread safe standard locale with RAII semantics
file  getfem_mat_elem.h [code]
 elementary computations (used by the generic assembly).
file  getfem_mat_elem_type.h [code]
 Build elementary tensors descriptors, used by generic assembly.
file  getfem_mesh.h [code]
 Define a getfem::getfem_mesh object.
file  getfem_mesh_fem.h [code]
 Define the getfem::mesh_fem class.
file  getfem_mesh_fem_global_function.h [code]
 Define a mesh_fem with base functions which are global functions given by the user.
file  getfem_mesh_fem_level_set.h [code]
 a subclass of mesh_fem which is conformal to a number of level sets.
file  getfem_mesh_fem_product.h [code]
 A kind of product of two mesh_fems. Specific for Xfem enrichment.
file  getfem_mesh_fem_sum.h [code]
 Implement a special mesh_fem with merges the FEMs of two (or more) mesh_fems.
file  getfem_mesh_im.h [code]
 Define the getfem::mesh_im class (integration of getfem::mesh_fem).
file  getfem_mesh_im_level_set.h [code]
 a subclass of mesh_im which is conformal to a number of level sets.
file  getfem_mesh_level_set.h [code]
 Keep informations about a mesh crossed by level-sets.
file  getfem_mesh_region.h [code]
 region objects (set of convexes and/or convex faces)
file  getfem_mesh_slice.h [code]
 Define the class getfem::stored_mesh_slice.
file  getfem_mesh_slicers.h [code]
 Define various mesh slicers.
file  getfem_mesher.h [code]
 An experimental mesher.
file  getfem_model_solvers.h [code]
 Standard solvers for model bricks.
file  getfem_models.h [code]
 Model representation in Getfem.
file  getfem_Navier_Stokes.h [code]
 Navier-Stokes dynamic brick.
file  getfem_nonlinear_elasticity.h [code]
 Non-linear elasticty and incompressibility bricks.
file  getfem_omp.h [code]
 Tools for multithreaded, OpenMP and Boost based parallelization.
file  getfem_partial_mesh_fem.h [code]
 a subclass of getfem::mesh_fem which allows to eliminate a number of dof of the original mesh_fem.
file  getfem_plasticity.h [code]
 Plasticty bricks.
file  getfem_projected_fem.h [code]
 FEM which projects a mesh_fem on a different mesh.
file  getfem_regular_meshes.h [code]
 Build regular meshes.
file  getfem_superlu.h [code]
 SuperLU interface for getfem.
file  getfem_torus.h [code]
 Provides mesh and mesh fem of torus.