GetFEM++  5.3
Reference Convexes


struct  bgeot::stored_point_tab
 Point tab storage. More...
class  bgeot::convex_of_reference
 Base class for reference convexes. More...


pconvex_ref bgeot::basic_convex_ref (pconvex_ref cvr)
 return the associated order 1 reference convex.
pconvex_ref bgeot::simplex_of_reference (dim_type nc, short_type k=1)
 returns a simplex of reference of dimension nc and degree k
pconvex_ref bgeot::parallelepiped_of_reference (dim_type nc, dim_type k=1)
 parallelepiped of reference of dimension nc (and degree 1)
pconvex_ref bgeot::Q2_incomplete_of_reference (dim_type d)
 incomplete Q2 quadrilateral/hexahedral of reference of dimension d = 2 or 3
pconvex_ref bgeot::prism_of_reference (dim_type nc)
 prism of reference of dimension nc (and degree 1)
pconvex_ref bgeot::prism_incomplete_P2_of_reference ()
 incomplete quadratic prism element of reference (15-node)
pconvex_ref bgeot::pyramid_QK_of_reference (dim_type k)
 pyramidal element of reference of degree k (k = 1 or 2 only)
pconvex_ref bgeot::pyramid_Q2_incomplete_of_reference ()
 incomplete quadratic pyramidal element of reference (13-node)
pconvex_ref bgeot::convex_ref_product (pconvex_ref a, pconvex_ref b)
 tensorial product of two convex ref. More...
pconvex_ref bgeot::equilateral_simplex_of_reference (dim_type nc)
 equilateral simplex (degree 1). More...
pconvex_ref bgeot::generic_dummy_convex_ref (dim_type nc, size_type n, short_type nf)
 generic convex with n global nodes

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

pconvex_ref bgeot::convex_ref_product ( pconvex_ref  a,
pconvex_ref  b 

tensorial product of two convex ref.

in order to ensure unicity, it is required the a->dim() >= b->dim()

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pconvex_ref bgeot::equilateral_simplex_of_reference ( dim_type  nc)

equilateral simplex (degree 1).

used only for mesh quality estimations

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