GetFEM++  5.3
getfem_mesh.h File Reference

Define a getfem::getfem_mesh object. More...

#include <bitset>
#include "bgeot_ftool.h"
#include "bgeot_mesh.h"
#include "bgeot_geotrans_inv.h"
#include "getfem_context.h"
#include "getfem_mesh_region.h"
#include <memory>

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class  getfem::mesh
 Describe a mesh (collection of convexes (elements) and points). More...


 GEneric Tool for Finite Element Methods.


void APIDECL getfem::extrude (const mesh &in, mesh &out, size_type nb_layers, short_type degree=short_type(1))
 build a N+1 dimensions mesh from a N-dimensions mesh by extrusion.
scalar_type APIDECL getfem::convex_area_estimate (bgeot::pgeometric_trans pgt, const base_matrix &pts, pintegration_method pim)
 rough estimate of the convex area. More...
scalar_type APIDECL getfem::convex_quality_estimate (bgeot::pgeometric_trans pgt, const base_matrix &pts)
 rough estimate of the maximum value of the condition number of the jacobian of the geometric transformation
scalar_type APIDECL getfem::convex_radius_estimate (bgeot::pgeometric_trans pgt, const base_matrix &pts)
 rough estimate of the radius of the convex using the largest eigenvalue of the jacobian of the geometric transformation
void APIDECL getfem::outer_faces_of_mesh (const mesh &m, const dal::bit_vector &cvlst, convex_face_ct &flist)
 returns a list of "exterior" faces of a mesh (i.e. More...
mesh_region APIDECL getfem::inner_faces_of_mesh (const mesh &m, mesh_region mr=mesh_region::all_convexes())
 Select all the faces sharing at least two element of the given mesh region. More...
mesh_region APIDECL getfem::select_faces_of_normal (const mesh &m, const mesh_region &mr, const base_small_vector &V, scalar_type angle)
 Select in the region mr the faces of the mesh m with their unit outward vector having a maximal angle "angle" with the vector V.
mesh_region APIDECL getfem::select_faces_in_box (const mesh &m, const mesh_region &mr, const base_node &pt1, const base_node &pt2)
 Select in the region mr the faces of the mesh m lying entirely in the box delimated by pt1 and pt2.

Detailed Description

Define a getfem::getfem_mesh object.

Yves Renard
November 05, 1999.

Definition in file getfem_mesh.h.