GetFEM  5.4.2
getfem_Navier_Stokes.h File Reference

Navier-Stokes dynamic brick. More...

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 GEneric Tool for Finite Element Methods.


template<typename MAT , typename VECT >
void getfem::asm_navier_stokes_tgm (const MAT &M, const mesh_im &mim, const mesh_fem &mf, const VECT &U, const mesh_region &rg=mesh_region::all_convexes())
 assembly of Tangent matrix for Navier-Stokes.
template<typename VECT1 , typename VECT2 >
void getfem::asm_navier_stokes_rhs (const VECT1 &V, const mesh_im &mim, const mesh_fem &mf, const VECT2 &U, const mesh_region &rg=mesh_region::all_convexes())
 assembly of right hand side for Navier-Stokes.

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