GetFEM  5.4.2
bgeot_poly_composite.h File Reference

Handle composite polynomials. More...

#include "bgeot_poly.h"
#include "bgeot_mesh.h"
#include "bgeot_rtree.h"

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struct  bgeot::imbricated_box_less
 A comparison function for bgeot::base_node. More...


 Basic Geometric Tools.


void bgeot::structured_mesh_for_convex (pconvex_ref cvr, short_type k, pbasic_mesh &pm, pmesh_precomposite &pmp, bool force_simplexification)
 This function returns a mesh in pm which contains a refinement of the convex cvr if force_simplexification is false, refined convexes have the same basic_structure than cvr, if it is set to true, the cvr is decomposed into simplexes which are then refined. More...
const basic_mesh * bgeot::refined_simplex_mesh_for_convex (pconvex_ref cvr, short_type k)
 simplexify a convex_ref. More...
const std::vector< std::unique_ptr< mesh_structure > > & bgeot::refined_simplex_mesh_for_convex_faces (pconvex_ref cvr, short_type k)
 simplexify the faces of a convex_ref More...

Detailed Description

Handle composite polynomials.

Yves Renard
August 26, 2002. Composite polynomials are used in hierarchical FEM, composite geometric transformations and composite fems.

Definition in file bgeot_poly_composite.h.