GetFEM  5.4.2
bgeot_geotrans_inv.h File Reference

Inversion of geometric transformations. More...

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class  bgeot::geotrans_inv_convex
 does the inversion of the geometric transformation for a given convex More...
class  bgeot::geotrans_inv
 handles the geometric inversion for a given (supposedly quite large) set of points More...


 Basic Geometric Tools.

Detailed Description

Inversion of geometric transformations.

Yves Renard
December 20, 2000. Inversion means: given a set of convexes and a point, find:
  • a subset of candidate convexes, which are likely to contain the point (using bgeot::kdtree).
  • on these candidate convexes, invert the geometric transformation, i.e. find the corresponding coordinates on the reference element.

Inversion of a geometric transformation is not a trivial task, especially with non-linear geometric transformations. This is the central part of interpolation routines from a getfem::mesh_fem onto another.

Definition in file bgeot_geotrans_inv.h.