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LispWriter Class Reference

#include <lisp_writer.hxx>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 LispWriter (const char *name)
void write_vector (const char *name, const Vector2d &pos)
void write_float (const char *name, float f)
void write_int (const char *name, int i)
void write_boolean (const char *name, bool b)
void write_string (const char *name, const char *str)
void write_symbol (const char *name, const char *symname)
void write_lisp_obj (const char *name, lisp_object_t *lst)
lisp_object_tcreate_lisp ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LispWriter::LispWriter const char *    name

Definition at line 22 of file lisp_writer.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

lisp_object_t * LispWriter::create_lisp  

caller is responible to free the returned lisp_object_t

Definition at line 96 of file lisp_writer.cxx.

References lisp_make_cons(), and lisp_nil.

Referenced by Spring::serialize(), RectCollider::serialize(), and Particle::serialize().

void LispWriter::write_boolean const char *    name,
bool    b

Definition at line 89 of file lisp_writer.cxx.

References lisp_make_boolean().

Referenced by Particle::serialize().

void LispWriter::write_float const char *    name,
float    f

Definition at line 54 of file lisp_writer.cxx.

References lisp_make_real().

Referenced by Spring::serialize(), and Particle::serialize().

void LispWriter::write_int const char *    name,
int    i

Definition at line 61 of file lisp_writer.cxx.

References lisp_make_integer().

Referenced by Spring::serialize(), and Particle::serialize().

void LispWriter::write_lisp_obj const char *    name,
lisp_object_t   lst

Definition at line 82 of file lisp_writer.cxx.

void LispWriter::write_string const char *    name,
const char *    str

Definition at line 68 of file lisp_writer.cxx.

References lisp_make_string().

void LispWriter::write_symbol const char *    name,
const char *    symname

Definition at line 75 of file lisp_writer.cxx.

References lisp_make_symbol().

void LispWriter::write_vector const char *    name,
const Vector2d   pos

Definition at line 46 of file lisp_writer.cxx.

References lisp_make_real(), Vector2d::x, and Vector2d::y.

Referenced by RectCollider::serialize(), and Particle::serialize().

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