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GUIManager Class Reference

#include <gui_manager.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 GUIManager ()
virtual ~GUIManager ()
virtual void run_once ()
void draw ()
virtual void update ()
virtual void draw_overlay ()
void quit ()
void add (GUIComponent *)
void grab_mouse (GUIComponent *)
void ungrab_mouse (GUIComponent *)

Detailed Description

The GUIManager is basically the place where the main loop runs

Definition at line 29 of file gui_manager.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Definition at line 38 of file gui_manager.cxx.

References SystemContext::get_time(), and system_context.

GUIManager::~GUIManager   [virtual]

Definition at line 49 of file gui_manager.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void GUIManager::add GUIComponent  

add a GUIComponent, the component will get deleted after in the destruction of the guimanager

Definition at line 338 of file gui_manager.cxx.

Referenced by LoadGUIManager::LoadGUIManager(), SaveGUIManager::SaveGUIManager(), and WorldGUIManager::WorldGUIManager().

void GUIManager::draw  

Draw all the GUI components

Definition at line 81 of file gui_manager.cxx.

Referenced by run_once().

virtual void GUIManager::draw_overlay   [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented in LoadGUIManager, SaveGUIManager, and WorldGUIManager.

Definition at line 62 of file gui_manager.hxx.

Referenced by run_once().

void GUIManager::grab_mouse GUIComponent  

Definition at line 325 of file gui_manager.cxx.

Referenced by WorldViewSelectTool::on_primary_button_press(), WorldViewInsertTool::on_primary_button_press(), WorldViewColliderTool::on_primary_button_press(), GUIButton::on_primary_button_press(), WorldViewSelectTool::on_secondary_button_press(), and WorldViewComponent::on_tertiary_button_press().

void GUIManager::quit  

Stops the GUIManager

void GUIManager::run_once   [virtual]

Launches a single run from the games main loop

Reimplemented in LoadGUIManager, and SaveGUIManager.

Definition at line 54 of file gui_manager.cxx.

References GraphicContext::clear(), current_fps, draw(), draw_overlay(), GraphicContext::flip(), SystemContext::get_time(), graphic_context, system_context, and update().

Referenced by ScreenManager::run_once(), SaveGUIManager::run_once(), and LoadGUIManager::run_once().

void GUIManager::ungrab_mouse GUIComponent  

Definition at line 332 of file gui_manager.cxx.

Referenced by WorldViewInsertTool::on_delete_press(), WorldViewInsertTool::on_primary_button_press(), WorldViewSelectTool::on_primary_button_release(), WorldViewColliderTool::on_primary_button_release(), GUIButton::on_primary_button_release(), WorldViewSelectTool::on_secondary_button_release(), and WorldViewComponent::on_tertiary_button_release().

virtual void GUIManager::update   [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented in WorldGUIManager.

Definition at line 60 of file gui_manager.hxx.

Referenced by run_once().

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