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GUIDirectory Class Reference

#include <gui_directory.hxx>

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Public Types


Public Member Functions

 GUIDirectory (const std::string &pathname, Mode m)
 ~GUIDirectory ()
void draw_overlay (GraphicContext *gc)
std::string get_path ()
void move_up ()
void move_down ()
void wheel_up (int x, int y)
void wheel_down (int x, int y)

Detailed Description

Widget which shows a complete directory

Definition at line 30 of file gui_directory.hxx.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum GUIDirectory::Mode

Enumeration values:

Definition at line 40 of file gui_directory.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GUIDirectory::GUIDirectory const std::string &    pathname,
Mode    m

Definition at line 28 of file gui_directory.cxx.

References FileType, FT_CONSTRUO_FILE, FT_DIRECTORY, SystemContext::get_file_type(), SystemContext::get_mtime(), SystemContext::read_directory(), SAVE_DIRECTORY, and system_context.


Definition at line 73 of file gui_directory.cxx.

References GUIChildManager::remove().

Member Function Documentation

void GUIDirectory::draw_overlay GraphicContext   gc [virtual]

Reimplemented from GUIChildManager.

Definition at line 122 of file gui_directory.cxx.

std::string GUIDirectory::get_path   [inline]

Definition at line 49 of file gui_directory.hxx.

Referenced by GUIFileManager::directory_up(), GUIFileManager::draw_overlay(), and GUIFileManager::update_current_directory().

void GUIDirectory::move_down  

Move the shown directory content down

Definition at line 136 of file gui_directory.cxx.

Referenced by GUIFileManager::scroll_down(), and wheel_down().

void GUIDirectory::move_up  

Move the shown directory content up

Definition at line 127 of file gui_directory.cxx.

Referenced by GUIFileManager::scroll_up(), and wheel_up().

void GUIDirectory::wheel_down int    x,
int    y

Reimplemented from GUIChildManager.

Definition at line 153 of file gui_directory.cxx.

References move_down().

void GUIDirectory::wheel_up int    x,
int    y

Reimplemented from GUIChildManager.

Definition at line 147 of file gui_directory.cxx.

References move_up().

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