2004-07-21 space.h schristley
#ifndef DISABLE_GUI class not applicable for a non-gui Swarm build.

2001-08-10 space.h mgd
(GridData): New protocol. (Discrete2d): Adopt it.

2000-03-28 mgd
Swarmdocs 2.1.1 frozen.

2000-02-29 mgd
Swarmdocs 2.1 frozen.

1999-08-24 space.h mgd
Add Discrete2d and Raster typing on convenience factory methods (for use by Java).

1999-08-22 space.h mgd
Add Zone typing to +create* methods. Don't touch arguments that are subclasses of Discrete2d because we don't have a stubbing mechanism for that.

1999-08-03 space.h alex
(Diffuse2d): Make initializeLattice a CREATING method to match implementation.

1999-08-01 space.h alex
(Object2dDisplay, Value2Display, Discrete2d, Diffuse2d, DblBuffer2d, Grid2d): Add +create: convenience methods to these CREATABLE protocols.

1999-07-09 space.h mgd
(Object2dDisplay): Add -makeProbeAtX:Y:.

1999-05-05 space.h alex
(Ca2d): Remove CREATABLE tag in protocol definition, since this protocol is intended to be abstract. (Discrete2d): Add example of Lisp output serialization. (Int2dFiler): Note as deprecated protocol, point user to Discrete2d serialization.

1999-05-01 space.h mgd
(Discrete2d): Remove setUseObjects and setUseValues.

1999-04-25 space.h alex
([Discrete2d -setUseObjects], [Discrete2d -setUseValues]): Add to SETTING phase.

1999-02-26 space.h mgd
Merge _Discrete2d with Discrete2d. Add CREATABLE tags for all non-abstract protocols.

1998-10-04 space.h mgd
(_Discrete2d): Make x and y arguments to setSizeX:Y:, getObjectAtX:Y: getValueAtX:Y:, putObject:atX:Y:, putValue:atX:Y: unsigned. Make return values of getSize{X,Y} unsigned. (DblBuffer2d): Make x and y arguments to putObject:atX:Y: and putValue:atX:Y: unsigned. (Grid2d): Likewise. (Ca2d): Make argument to setNumStates: unsigned.

1998-07-15 space.h mgd
(_Discrete2d): Split Discrete2d into new and presentation interface.

1998-06-17 Makefile.am mgd
Include from refbook/ instead of src/.

1998-06-17 space00.sgml alex
Added missing description of dependencies - objectbase.h and gui.h.

1998-06-15 Makefile.am mgd
(MODULE): New variable. Include Makefile.rules from src. Remove everything else.

1998-06-12 space00.sgml, spacecont.sgml mgd
Update IDs to SWARM.module.SGML.type.

1998-06-06 space.ent mgd
Use public identifiers.

1998-06-05 Makefile.am mgd
(swarm_ChangeLog): Add.

1998-06-03 space.h mgd
Add a module summary documentation tag.

1998-05-23 Makefile.am mgd
New file.

1998-05-23 space.ent.in mgd
New file.

1998-05-23 space.ent mgd

1998-05-22 mgd
Begin revision log.

1998-05-06 space.h mgd
(Discrete2d, Ca2d): Add phase tags, reorder in sync. (DblBuffer2d, Value2dDisplay, ConwayLife2d, Diffuse2d, Grid2d, Object2dDisplay, Int2dFiler): Add phase tags. (Value2dDisplay): Declare -createEnd. (Grid2d, Int2dFiler): Declare +createBegin.

1998-04-24 space.h mgd
Now a protocol definition file instead of a full set of includes.