UName --  A class used to generate unique names (e.g. "critter1", "critter2" etc.)


This class is used to generate unique names (agent0, agent1, agent2...) for objects in a simulation. The user will typically create an instance of the UName class initialized with a baseName presented either as a (const char *) or an object of class String. The user can then request new names, again either as (const char *)'s or as instances of the String class. The user can also reset the counter used to generate the names in case s/he wants to restart naming objects with the same baseName.

Note: Both in the case of initialization by (const char *) and initialization by an instance of the String class, the original is copied not stored internally so it is up to the user to free the original (const char *) or String instance if/when necessary!

Protocols adopted by UName



Phase: Creating

Phase: Using