2000-05-18 random.h mgd
([InternalState -describe:, -getName]): Remove.

2000-03-28 mgd
Swarmdocs 2.1.1 frozen.

2000-02-29 mgd
Swarmdocs 2.1 frozen.

2000-02-15 random00.sgml alex
Removed all LINKs to `Random Appendix', refer reader to Swarm User Guide. Add `Implementation Notes' back into this PARTINTRO from old Appendix, as the Implementation details should always be in-place with the Reference Guide.

1999-02-10 random00.sgml sthomme
minor textual editing.

1999-02-10 random-app.sgml alex
Brought all idrefs into line with naming convention.

1999-02-10 random00.sgml alex
Removed `Implementation Design Notes' - no longer relevant. Make link to User-Guide.For-Beginners section. Brought all idrefs into line with naming convention.

1999-02-09 Makefile.am alex
(SGML): Add, set to random-app.sgml. (EXTRA_DIST): Add SGML onto the dependencies generated by `Makefile.rules'.

1999-02-09 random00.sgml alex
Moved most content into random-app.sgml APPENDIX.

1999-02-09 random.ent alex
Made all ENTITY references to the SGML in the `extra' subdirectory.

1999-02-09 random-app.sgml alex
Add file. Content container for `Random' APPENDIX.

1999-02-03 random.ent sthomme
Replaced references to README.Generators.v075 and README.Distributions.v07 with 15 new references to file entities in extra SUBDIR.

1999-02-03 $ sthomme
(SWARMDOCS)/catalog.in: replaced the two old references with the 15 new ones.

1999-02-03 random00.sgml sthomme
major textual revision. Expanded outline which imports 15 textual items.

1999-02-03 randommeta.sgml sthomme
revised the text. Deleted commented-out section (old file index).

1999-01-26 random00.sgml alex
Make all references to $(SWARMHOME)/src/random/docs be to $(SWARMDOCS)/refbook/random/extra.

1999-01-26 random.ent alex
Add references to new text file entitites README.Generators.v075 and README.Distributions.v07.

1999-01-26 random00.sgml alex
Use new entities in place of text in NOTE markup.

1999-01-26 Makefile.am alex
(SUBDIRS): Add `extra' subdirectory.

1999-01-26 random00.sgml alex
Change outdated references of the command line `-varySeed' to `--varyseed'.

1999-01-07 random00.sgml alex
({Generator,Distribution} Usage Notes): Made SIDEBAR, NOTE markup to overcome the one page limitation of SIDEBARs in print backend.

1998-10-28 random.h mgd
Include objectbase.h instead of defobj.h. Include random{vars,defs}.h instead of Random{Vars,Defs}.h.

1998-06-17 Makefile.am mgd
Include from refbook/ instead of src/.

1998-06-15 Makefile.am mgd
(MODULE): New variable. Include Makefile.rules from src. Remove everything else.

1998-06-12 random00.sgml, randomcont.sgml mgd
Update IDs to SWARM.module.SGML.type.

1998-06-06 random.ent mgd
Use public identifiers.

1998-06-05 Makefile.am mgd
(swarm_ChangeLog): Add.

1998-06-03 random.h mgd
Add summary and description tags for module.

1998-05-23 Makefile.am mgd
New file.

1998-05-23 random.ent.in mgd
New file.

1998-05-23 random.ent mgd

1998-05-22 mgd
Begin revision log.

1997-12-08 random.h mgd
(InternalState): Likewise.