2000-03-28 mgd
Swarmdocs 2.1.1 frozen.

2000-03-01 alex
Swarmdocs 2.1 frozen.

2000-03-01 Makefile.am alex
(noinst_DATA): Remove entirely.

2000-02-29 install01.sgml mgd
Updates for 2.1.

1999-09-25 install01.sgml mgd
Update versions for fcall, BLT. Add note about Emacs.

1999-04-20 install01.sgml mgd
Update versions for ffcall, Tcl/Tk, BLT, and libpng.

1999-04-06 installbook.sgml alex
Change PUBLIC identifier for DTD to "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V3.1//EN". Remove JPEG notation class: now part of the 3.1 DTD.

1999-01-27 installmeta.sgml alex
(booktitlelogo): Scale GRAPHIC by 98%, so all recto-mode elements fit on one page in print backend.

1999-01-26 installmeta.sgml alex
Move bibliodata entity outside of BOOKBIBLIO - so legalnotice links work.

1999-01-13 installmeta.sgml alex
Include the newly-defined {doc,swarm}-legalnotice entities from global.ent. Move CORPAUTHOR inside BOOKBIBLIO.

1998-11-01 install01.sgml alex
Changed URL to Paul Johnson's Swarm FAQ to new location.

1998-10-14 installbook.tex.in mgd
Use top_dossrcdir instead of top_srcdir.

1998-10-09 installbook.tex.in mgd
Include tex/macros.tex.

1998-10-06 installmeta.sgml mgd
Make more conservative. Remove statements of intent.

1998-10-06 install01.sgml mgd
Update library version facts, compatibility, etc. Add URLs for both versions and general package information.

1998-07-17 install02.sgml alex
Fixed ID of ARTICLE to `INSTALLBOOK' rather than `INSTALL'.

1998-07-17 install01.sgml alex
(SIMPLESECT): Updated ULINK http and ftp locations for download of Tcl/Tk to `scriptics.com'. `smli.com' is now out-of-date. Also changed link to BLT to ftp location, rather than the webpage. (ARTICLE): Added missing ID.

1998-06-25 install01.sgml alex
Updated installation instruction to reflect new `configure' process.

1998-06-17 Makefile.am mgd
(GENERATED_SGML): Use $(NAME)revhistory.sgml instead of installrevhistory.sgml. (EXTRA_DIST): Use installbook.ent instead of install.ent.

1998-06-17 installmeta.sgml mgd
Use installbookrevhistory.sgml instead of installrevhistory.sgml. Scale graphic to 100%.

1998-06-16 install01.sgml alex
Updated `Supported Systems' to make mention of Windows NT. Updated `Prerequisite Libraries' to mention libraries required as of Swarm 1.1/1.2.

1998-06-15 Makefile.am mgd
Include $(top_srcdir)/Makefile.common. (EXTRA_DIST): New variable.

1998-06-15 install.ent alex
Removed install00.sgml from list of ENTITIES.

1998-06-15 installbook.sgml alex
Added new JPEG notation class and notation.

1998-06-15 Makefile.am alex
(SGML): Removed install00.sgml.

1998-06-15 installcont.sgml alex
Removed include of install00.sgml.

1998-06-15 install02.sgml alex
Removed links to 'reference book' elements - made all linkends be FORMALPARAs.

1998-06-15 install01.sgml alex
Commented-out LINK to reference book 'debug' section. Moved original PREFACE material in install00.sgml into new SIDEBAR.

1998-06-15 install00.sgml alex

1998-06-12 installbook.sgml mgd
Include versions and figures entities.

1998-06-12 installmeta.sgml mgd
Scale graphic to 75%.

1998-06-12 install00.sgml, install01.sgml, install02.sgml, installmeta.sgml mgd
Update all IDs to SWARM.module.SGML.type.

1998-06-11 install.ent alex
Made all SYSTEM identifiers PUBLIC (listed in catalog now).

1998-06-11 Makefile.am alex
(GENERATED_SGML): Added for revhistory. (noinst_DATA): Added. (SGML, SGML_FILES): Separated out generated/non-gen files.

1998-06-11 install.ent alex
Created installrevhistory.sgml entity.

1998-06-11 installmeta.sgml alex
Replaced hardcoded revhistory with the new entity installrevhistory.sgml.

1998-06-09 installmeta.sgml alex
Changed corpauthor to be inserted from Global public identifiers.

1998-06-08 installbook.sgml mgd
Use public identifiers.

1998-05-23 installbook.tex.in mgd
New file.

1998-05-23 Makefile.am mgd
New file.

1998-05-23 installbook.sgml mgd
Make ID of book be "installbook".

1998-05-23 Makefile mgd

1998-05-22 mgd
Begin revision log.