2004-07-16 defobj.h schristley
([FArguments -addObject:]): Definition conflicts with NSArray, so use NSArray definition for GNUstep.

2003-09-03 defobj.h alex
Use '//E:' syntax instead of '//M:' to tag examples which are intended to be inline elements of code. In this way ampersands which cause problems for the XML DocBook backend are escaped properly.

2003-05-10 defobj.h pauljohn
inserted headers and explanation for all methods listed in next entries.

2002-01-02 defobj.h mgd
(raiseEvent): Avoid concatenation to __FUNCTION__.

2001-12-17 defobj.h mgd
Remove const from COMOBJECT.

2001-10-10 defobj.h mgd
Declare getDatasetType.

2001-02-23 defobj.h mgd
(fcall_type_t): Add fcall_type_jselector. (FCALL_TYPE_COUNT): Increment.

2001-01-28 defobj.h mgd
(val_t): Moved from objectbase.h. (LanguageJS): New symbol.

2001-01-27 defobj.h mgd
(fcall_type_t): Add fcall_type_iid. (FCALL_TYPE_COUNT): Increment. (types_t): Add iid.

2001-01-24 defobj.h mgd
Use const void * for COMOBJECT.

2001-01-05 defobj.h mgd
(callTypes): Add JScall.

2000-12-17 defobj.h mgd
Add getLastArgIndex.

2000-10-14 defobj.h mgd
(DefinedObject): Add -conformsTo:.

2000-09-25 defobj.h mgd
(types_t): Move to be visible to C++.

2000-09-24 defobj.h mgd
(fcall_type_t): Swap fcall_type_ulonglong and fcall_type_slonglong. (FCALL_TYPE_COUNT): Add.

2000-09-23 defobj.h mgd
Add preprocessor hair to make fcall_type_t available to C++.

2000-09-22 defobj.h mgd
Add SaveWarning.

2000-09-13 defobj.h mgd
(arguments): Add <Arguments> qualifier.

2000-09-13 defobj.h mgd
(LanguageCOM, LanguageJava, LanguageObjc): Add.

2000-09-12 defobj.h mgd
(COMOBJECT): New typedef.

2000-08-15 defobj.h mgd
(Arguments): Call setArgc argument count "count" and make it unsigned.

2000-07-24 defobj.h mgd
(Arguments): Fix declaration of setInhibitExecutableSearchFlag:. Move getReclaimPolicy and getStackedSubzones to design document.

2000-07-16 defobj.h mgd
(Archiver): Adopt RETURNABLE.

2000-07-11 defobj.h mgd

2000-06-29 defobj.h mgd
(CreatedClass): Remove return type from updateArchiver:.

2000-06-22 defobj.h mgd
(types_t): Make _long_double of that type.

2000-05-18 defobj.h mgd
(GetName): Move before DefinedObject. (DefineObject): Adopt it. (DefinedClass): Don't adopt it (it's inherited). (HDF5): Remove -getName.

2000-04-27 defobj.h mgd
([Arguments +createBegin, -createEnd]): Remove. ([HDF5 +createBegin:, -creatEnd, -drop]): Remove. ([{HDF5CompoundType,FArguments,FCall} +createBegin: -createEnd]): Remove.

2000-03-28 mgd
Swarmdocs 2.1.1 frozen.

2000-03-25 defobj.h mgd
Remove PTRFMT.

2000-03-24 defobj.h mgd
(Zone): Note that dropping a zone doesn't drop block allocations, only objects.

2000-02-29 mgd
Swarmdocs 2.1 frozen.

2000-02-18 defobj.h mgd
(FArguments, FCall): Add Zone argument conformance to +create:* methods.

2000-01-22 defobj.h mgd
(Zone): Remove containsAlloc:.

2000-01-19 defobj.h mgd
Don't declare generate_class_name.

1999-12-21 defobj.h mgd
(types_t): Add boolean.

1999-11-19 defobj.h mgd
New types call_t and JOBJECT.

1999-10-29 defobj.h mgd
Documentation updates.

1999-08-22 defobj.h mgd
Add (id <Zone>) argument and return types. Reorganize. Add (id <HDF5>) argument types.

1999-08-09 defobj.h mgd
(types_t): Add Class.

1999-08-08 defobj.h mgd
(types_t): Add _long_double.

1999-08-05 defobj.h mgd

1999-06-28 defobj.h alex
Reflect Archiver changes. Make `Archiver' an abstract protocol. (HDF5Archiver, LispArchiver): New protocols now conform to and CREATABLE.

1999-06-13 defobj.h mgd
(types_t): Add signed and unsigned types.

1999-06-09 defobj.h alex
(initDefobj): Declare to accept new `appName' argument.

1999-06-08 defobj.h alex
(Archiver): Add ([Archiver_c +create:from{Lisp,HDF5}Path:]) method to protocol.

1999-06-05 defobj.h alex
(Archiver): Add method [Archiver_c getWithZone:object:] to protocol. Document all existing methods.

1999-05-29 defobj.h mgd
Import externvar.h.

1999-05-28 defobj.h mgd
Use `externvar' for external variable declarations.

1999-05-20 defobj.h alex
Declare extern {lisp,hdf5}AppArchiver. (Archiver): Add -setDefaultApp{Lisp,HDF5}Path to protocol definition.

1999-04-29 defobj.h mgd
(GetName): Add instance -getName, remove +getName:.

1999-04-22 defobj.h mgd
Clarify docs on addRef:withArgument:. (Zone): Switch return type of getPageSize from int to size_t. (FArguments): Add using phase tag before getResult.

1999-04-21 defobj.h mgd

1999-04-21 defobj.h mgd
(Serialization): Move -lispIn: and -hdf5In: to setting phase. (FArguments): Add.

1999-04-16 defobj.h mgd
(types_t): New typedef.

1999-03-23 defobj.h vjojic
(FCall): Mark phases in FCall protocol.

1999-03-23 defobj.h mgd
(FCall): Add getReturnVal.

1999-03-17 defobj.h vjojic
Add new protocol FCall.

1999-02-27 defobj.h mgd
Put all setters needed for createEnd to creating phase. Remove duplicate setAppModeString: in setting.

1999-02-20 defobj.h mgd
Disable CreateDrop protocol; it is already an @interface.

1999-02-19 defobj.h vjojic
Add CreateDrop protocol.

1999-02-16 defobj.h alex
(generate_class_name): Prefix with `extern'.

1999-01-14 defobj.h mgd
(DSIZE): New macro for sizing decimal scratch buffers.

1999-01-12 defobj.h mgd
(HDF5): New protocol.

1999-01-10 defobj.h mgd
(Serialization): Add deep: option to lispOut and hdf5Out. (Archiver): Add deep argument to lispArchiverPut, hdf5ArchvierPut.

1999-01-10 defobj.h mgd
(LoadError, SaveError): New error types.

1999-01-08 defobj.h mgd
(DefinedClass): Declare lispInCreate:, lispIn:, lispOut:, updateArchiver, and copyClass.

1999-01-06 defobj.h mgd
(Arguments): Declare +createBegin:, -createEnd, -setArgc:Argv:, -setAppModeString:, -setOptionFunc:, -setBugAddress:, and -setVersion:. Move addOptions: to creating phase.

1999-01-06 defobj.h mgd
(DefinedClass): Declare addVariable. (Serialization): Declare updateArchiver.

1998-12-28 defobj.h mgd
(Archiver, Serialization): Add protocol summary and description strings.

1998-12-21 defobj.h mgd
(archiver{Register,Unregister}, {lisp,HDF5}Archiver{Get,Put}): Prefix declaration with `extern'.

1998-12-19 defobj.h mgd
(Archiver): New protocol. Move archiver functions inside this protocol declaration.

1998-12-18 defobj.h mgd
Add archiver{Register,Unregister}, and {HDF5,lisp}Archiver{Get,Put} to Serialization protocol.

1998-12-18 defobj.h mgd
(Symbol): Remove setName:.

1998-12-17 defobj.h mgd
Remove readOnly accessors from SetInitialValue protocol (moved to design document).

1998-11-17 defobj.h mgd
(Serialization): New protocol. Put lispIn, lispInQuotedExpr, and archvierSave here. Put lispInCreate: in creating phase. Rename lisp{in,out}: to lisp{In,Out}:. Declare defobj_lookup_type.

1998-11-13 defobj.h mgd
(DefinedObject): Declare +lispin:expr: in creating phase. (lispinQuotedExpr): Declare. (MAKE_OBJC_FUNCTION_NAME): Define (was confined to Archiver.m).

1998-11-12 defobj.h mgd
(Dataset): New protocol. (Arguments): Add protocol (from objectbase).

1998-07-22 defobj.h mgd
Replace @deftype with @protocol throughout.

1998-06-18 defobj00.sgml alex
Put CITETITLE tag around reference to the `Object-Oriented Programming and the Objective C Language' volume.

1998-06-17 Makefile.am mgd
Include from refbook/ instead of src/.

1998-06-15 Makefile.am mgd
(MODULE): New variable. Include Makefile.rules from src. Remove everything else.

1998-06-14 defobj.h mgd
Remove mention of what might happen with other (nonexistent) zone types. Remove mention of status of current Zone implementation. Remove mention of -setReclaimPolicy:, -setStackedSubzones:, -getSubzones, -mergeWithOwner, -getSubzone:. Remove -reclaimStorage, -releaseStorage, xfprint, and xfprintid declarations. Improve description of xsetname, xprint, xprintid, xfprint, xfprintid, xexec, and xfexec.

1998-06-12 defobjpages.sgml, defobjcont.sgml mgd
Update IDs to SWARM.module.SGML.type.

1998-06-06 defobj.ent mgd
Use public identifiers.

1998-06-05 Makefile.am mgd
(swarm_ChangeLog): Add.

1998-06-03 defobj.h mgd
Updated documentation tags. (PTRFMT): Use %p.

1998-06-01 defobj.h alex
([DefinedObject -{xfprint,xfprintid}): Added method and doc tags that should exist to DefinedObject protocol.

1998-05-28 defobj.h mgd
Fix //# doc strings (following colon required).

1998-05-26 defobj.ent.in mgd
Make defobjrevhistory be a build-directory path.

1998-05-26 defobj.ent.in alex
Added entity (defobjrevhistory) for the automatically generated revision history.

1998-05-26 defobj.h alex
(raiseEvent,M(), initModule, globalZone, scratchZone, defsymbol, defwarning, deferror): Added (//#) doc strings. (<{Warning,Error}>): Added (//G) doc strings after each definition. (<Symbol>, _obj_formatIDString, objc_get_class, _obj_debug, (_obj_xerror, *_obj_xdebug, xsetname, xprint, xprintid, xfprint, xfprintid, xexec, xfexec): Added (//G) doc strings before each definition.

1998-05-23 Makefile.am mgd
New file.

1998-05-23 defobj.ent.in mgd
New file.

1998-05-23 defobj.ent mgd

1998-05-22 mgd
Begin revision log.

1998-05-06 defobj.h mgd
Remove instances of <p> in the documentation. Minor changes to method spacing. (Create): Move some documentation from createBegin: to be general documentation. (Error): Add a description.

1998-05-04 defobj.h mgd
Add CREATING and USING tags where absent.

1998-04-27 defobj.h mgd
Add documentation tags.

1998-04-17 defobj.h mgd
(GetName): getName is factory method. (DefinedClass): All methods are factory methods.

1998-01-27 defobj.h mgd
Declare nameToObject function.

1997-12-08 defobj.h mgd
Constify argument to setDisplayName. Constify return of getDisplayName. Constify return of getName in GetName deftype. Constify setName argument to Symbol +create. Constify argument to Symbol setName. Constify argument to Warning setMessageString. Constify return of Warning getMessageString. Constify argument to CreatedClass setName. Constify argument to objc_get_class. Constify name argument to xsetname, exec, and xfexec. Drop APIChange warning. Reformatting throughout.

1997-12-08 defobj.h mgd
Reenable LibraryUsage, DefaultAssumed, and ObsoleteFeature. Put back ObsoleteMessage (gepr argues they are important for a minor release).

1997-12-07 defobj.h mgd
Add APIChange to the standard error types. Delete ObsoleteMessage, since it appears to be redundant with ObsoleteFeature. Disable LibraryUsage, DefaultAssumed, and ObsoleteFeature because they aren't used.