2002-05-14 collections.h mgd
(Array, List, Map): Adopt Serialization.

2002-01-16 collections.h mgd
(INDEX{STARTP,ENDP}, REMOVEDP, ARCHIVERDOTP): Cast to void * to avoid warning. (ARCHIVEREOLP): New macro.

2001-04-12 collections.h mgd
Remove Index safety info from Index, Array, and List. Remove EndsOnly info from ListIndex.

2001-01-24 collections.h mgd
(OutputStream): Use const void * for catPointer: argument.

2000-06-23 collections.h mgd
(Permutation): Declare setLastPermutation:.

2000-05-18 collections.h mgd
([Collection copy:]): Protect with #ifndef IDL. ([String compare:]): Remove (since there's no documentation, anyway).

2000-04-27 collections.h mgd
([Index -compare:]): Protect with #ifndef IDL. ([PermutedIndex +createBegin:, -createEnd, -next, -prev, -findNext, -findPrev, -get, -getLoc, -setLoc:, getOffset, -setOffset:]): Remove. ([ListShuffler -createEnd]): Remove. ([Permutation +createBegin:]): Remove.

2000-03-28 mgd
Swarmdocs 2.1.1 frozen.

2000-02-29 mgd
Swarmdocs 2.1 frozen.

2000-02-15 collections.h mgd
(_Set): Remove bogus documentation about return value of Set's add:. Thanks to Michael Stillwell.

2000-02-10 collections.h mgd
(Permutation): Remove -generatePermuation.

1999-09-07 collections.h alex
(Collection): Make -begin:, -beginPermuted: conform to Index and PermutedIndex protocol, respectively. (Index, PermutedIndex, MapIndex, ListIndex): Make RETURNABLE. Reformatting to avoid forward declarations, throughout.

1999-08-22 collections.h mgd
(ArchiverKeyword, ArchiverArray, ArchiverValue, ArchvierPair, ArchiverList, PermutationItem): Change from CREATABLE to RETURNABLE.

1999-08-22 collections.h mgd
Add objects-conforming-to-Zone argument types.

1999-08-01 collections.h alex
(ForEachKey): New protocol. (KeyedCollection): Adopt it.

1999-07-24 collections.h mgd
(_Set): Split out common Set features into subprotocol. (Set, OrderedSet): Adopt it.

1999-07-03 collections.h mgd
(InputStream): Declare -setLong: and -getLong.

1999-06-30 collections.h mgd
(OutputStream), OutputStream.[hm]: Add long long output methods.

1999-06-22 collections.h mgd
Reflect these changes.

1999-06-08 collections.h alex
(ArchiverPair): Add -{set,get}ConsFormatFlag method to protocol.

1999-06-08 collections.h alex
(ArchiverList): Add protocol, conform to List, CREATABLE. (OutputStream): Remove -catExpr: method. Add -cat{Short,UnsignedShort,Long,UnsignedLong}: methods.

1999-06-05 collections.h alex
(OutputStream): [OutputStream_c -cat{Expr, Double, Float, Int, Unsigned}:] Add and document new methods. (Archiver{Keyword,Value,Array,Pair): Add new methods to protocol.

1999-06-04 collections.h mgd
([Set add:]): Remove remark about DupOption (moved to design document). ([Map at:replace:]): Remove remark about potential multiple duplicate keys.

1999-05-29 collections.h mgd
Include externvar.h.

1999-05-28 collections.h mgd
Use `externvar' for external variable declarations.

1999-05-24 collections.h alex
(Index): -getLoc, -setLoc: Make these methods accept and return (id <Symbol>). (PermutedIndex): Likewise.

1999-05-24 collections.h alex
(Map): Make protocol comply with CompareFunction. Remove redundant declaration of -removeKey: (already defined in KeyedCollection protocol). (KeyedCollection): Remove compliance with CompareFunction. (Set): Re-enable compliance with KeyedCollection. (InputStream): Add docs on support for Lisp comments.

1999-01-15 collections.h mgd
(String): Remove setLiteralFlag: and getLiteralFlag.

1999-01-12 collections.h vjojic
(PermutedIndex): Declare -reshuffle.

1999-01-07 collectionsmeta.sgml alex
(End): Fixed missing end comment.

1999-01-06 collections.h alex
(PermutationItem): Add phase tags and documentation strings.

1999-01-06 collections.h mgd
(PermutationItem): New protocol. (PermutedIndex): Remove no-update qualification.

1998-12-28 collections.h mgd
Change all count arguments to unsigned. (PermutedIndex): Remove generatePermutation. (ArchiverKeyword, ArchiverArray, ArchiverValue, ArchiverPair): Add protocol summary and description strings.

1998-12-26 collections.h mgd
(Collection): Declare -beginPermuted:. (PermutedIndex): Declare generatePermutation.

1998-12-22 collections.h vjojic
Update descriptions of Permutation and PermutedIndex.

1998-12-17 collections.h mgd
(Index): Don't adopt Copy protocol. (KeyedCollection): Remove -createIndex:setMember: and -createIndex:at:. (ListShuffler): Remove +create:withUniformRandom:. Don't adopt CREATABLE or Create.

1998-12-14 collections.h mgd
(ListShuffler): Adopt Create, Drop, and CREATABLE.

1998-12-11 collections.h vjojic
(ListShuffler): ListShuffler protocol moved from simtools to collections

1998-12-01 collections.h mgd
(Index): Change example to avoid processing the End location.

1998-11-18 collections.h mgd
(List): The methods here aren't create-time; mark as USING phase.

1998-11-17 collections.h mgd
(List, Map): Adopt Serialization protocol. (ArchiverValue): Add setBoolean: and getBoolean.

1998-11-16 collections.h mgd
Add corresponding protocols.

1998-11-11 collections.h mgd
Remove creating -setDefaultMember:; there is already a setting method.

1998-11-02 collections.h mgd
(Collection): Note that copies are shallow.

1998-10-10 collections.h mgd
(Sorted): Moved to design document.

1998-09-08 collections.h mgd

1998-07-22 collections.h mgd
Replace @deftype with @protocol throughout.

1998-07-16 collections.h mgd
Remove Stack and Queue (now in design document).

1998-07-09 collections.h mgd
(Map): Remove mention of DupOption.

1998-07-08 collections.h alex
(KeyedCollection): Removed to design document -getCountAtKey:, -containsKey: methods, all are unimplemented. Removed comments for -{get,set}IndexFromMember: (KeyCollectionsIndex): Removed to design document commented-out -setMember method. (Map): Removed to design document -setKeyType:, setKeySize: methods, unimplemented.

1998-06-17 Makefile.am mgd
Include from refbook/ instead of src/.

1998-06-15 Makefile.am mgd
(MODULE): New variable. Include Makefile.rules from src. Remove everything else.

1998-06-14 collections.h mgd
Remove MemberType; don't adopt it in Collection. Remove IndexSafety. Remove mention of MemberType in Drop. Remove EndsOnly; don't adopt it in List. Remove DupOption, BucketFunction, PartiallyOrdered, PartialOrderContext, and PartialOrderRelations; don't adopt in KeyedCollection. Remove mention of duplicate key, partial ordering, and index safety from KeyedCollection. Remove disabled -setIndexFromKey:, -getIndexFromKey, -getKeyAllocSize, -at:insert:setIndex:, -insertGroup, -removeKey:getKey:, -replaceKey:, -createIndex:setKey:, -createIndex:setMember:.

1998-06-12 collections00.sgml, collectionscont.sgml, collectionsmeta.sgml mgd
Update IDs to SWARM.module.SGML.type.

1998-06-06 collections.ent mgd
Use public identifiers.

1998-06-05 Makefile.am mgd
(swarm_ChangeLog): Add.

1998-06-05 collections.h alex
(LiteralString): Made an extern id <String>, rather than @class variable. Added doc tag. (DupOption): Put space between global variable tag and @end directive - causing problems for make-h2x script.

1998-06-03 collections.h mgd
Updated documentation tags. (BucketFunction): -getBucketFunction now returns bucket_t. (CompareFunction): -getCompareFunction now returns compare_t.

1998-06-01 collections.h alex
(Collection): Added method -setIndexFromMemberLoc: to protocol. (Index): Added doc string (//G) to Symbol and Error global variables - made these inside the @end protocol declaration for Index. (KeyedCollection): Added method -createIndex:fromMember: to protocol.

1998-06-01 collections.h mgd
Make LiteralString a @class.

1998-05-23 Makefile.am mgd
New file.

1998-05-23 collections.ent.in mgd
New file:

1998-05-23 collections.ent mgd

1998-05-22 mgd
Begin revision log.

1998-05-06 collections.h mgd
(IndexSafety, Offsets, ForEach, DefaultMember, MemberBlock, Array, EndsOnly, DupOption, Sorted, CompareFunction, BucketFunction, PartiallyOrdered, PartialOrderContext, MapIndex, InputStream): Add //S.

1998-05-04 collections.h mgd
Remove NextPrev from Index protocol. Tweak comments for the sake of documentation processing.

1998-04-30 collections.h mgd
Augment the Index documentation. Move the existing Index info to the Collections protocol, as it is a bit more general.

1998-04-28 collections.h mgd
Add documentation tags.

1998-04-28 collections.h mgd
New protocols: MemberType, IndexSafety, Offsets, ForEach. (Collection): Include them. New protocols: DefaultMember, MemberBlock. (Array): Include them. New protocol: EndsOnly. (List): Include it. New protocols: DupOption, Sorted, CompareFunction, BucketFunction, PartiallyOrdered, PartialOrderContext, PartialOrderRelations. (KeyedCollection): Include them.

1998-04-11 collections.h mgd
Make archiver symbols extern, not common.

1997-12-04 collections.h mgd
(OutputStream, String): Constify string arguments.

1997-11-29 collections.h mgd
Add @deftype for InputStream, and declare symbols that getExpr can return.

1997-11-29 collections.h mgd
Declare [gs]etLiteralFlag methods.

1997-11-29 collections.h mgd
Append <Collection> to KeyedCollection deftype.