ActionType --  Specification of an executable process.


An action type is a type of process that may be initiated as a unit of execution by an external request. A typical action has a well-defined duration determined by a fixed set of actions that execute within it. Externally initiated interaction typically occurs only at the start or end of the overall process. A typical action is executed in its entirety once an external request that initiates it has occurred. Some actions may also have internal events that cannot begin or complete until other actions from a containing environment have also begun or completed their execution. Such ordering constraints can be defined either within an action type or as part of a dynamic context of execution.

Executable actions include both actions compiled in a host language (such as C functions or Objective C messages) and compound actions built at runtime for interpretation by the Swarm abstract machine.

(.. For now, the only subtype of ActionType is CompoundAction. Types for compiled actions such as functions and messages have not been defined yet. ..)

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