Brief Overview of Swarm

Swarm Development Group

A Top-Down Introduction To Implementing an Experiment Using Swarm

This document attempts to explain the logical structure of a Swarm experiment application. Starting with a very general outline of an idealized experimental procedure, we successively increase the level of specification of each stage of this idealized structure until we arrive at details of an actual running Swarm application.

Along the way, we introduce and describe (very briefly) some of the tools currently available in Swarm to help users build experiments. The tools presented here are only suggestive: the Swarm library documentation and example applications will give a more detailed view of using specific components of Swarm

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Table of Contents
1. Mag 1x: Experimental Procedure in a Computer
2. Mag 2x: Basis of Swarm Computation
3. Mag 3x: Swarm Structures
4. Mag 4x:Sketch of Code
5. Conclusion