Subclassing Reference

The main classes defined here that are intended to be subclassed by users are Swarm and SwarmObject. The probing functionality provided here is mainly for use within the Swarm kernel. However, this probe machinery should be used when designing any interface between Swarm and any other agent or device.

SwarmObject. SwarmObject is the base class for all interactive agents in Swarm. It defines the standard behavior for Swarmstyle agents, which includes hooks for creation, probing, zoned memory allocation, and destruction.

Swarm. The Swarm class encapsulates all of the abstract execution machinery in the activity library, as well as the notion of a group of related objects. Metaphorically, a "Swarm" is a combination of a collection of objects and a schedule of activity over those objects. Hence, the Swarm class provides the behavior necessary for creating such an object and starting up the schedule.

Further details on subclassing are also described in the Usage Guide