Implementation Notes

  1. Right now, Probe's rely on a special method, getInstanceName, that has to be implemented in any probe-able object in order to get anything other than the class name of that object into the object designation widget. However, a more general capability has been added to defobj to give a meaningful name to any object. Probes will be changed to take advantage of this new capability.

  2. In the ActivityControl the frequency of the message updateStateVar is very high. It is sent at least once every cycle and every time a message is sent to the ActivityControl. This is unsatisfactory. Some of these messages can be pruned out of the object.

  3. The probeMap designed for use with an ActivityControl was chosen fairly arbitrarily. Right now, it serves as a default for the class. A user can override it by designing a new one and inserting it into the probeLibrary.

  4. Errors specific to objects in the objectbase library need to be gathered and initialized like those in the defobj library.